Messages 2017

How the soul perceives truth and the function of the Spirit of Truth

January 4th, 2017

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by A.F.


You come with many questions. You come from a place in which you have some firm beliefs and understandings about the spiritual, and this brings for you some questions and some conflicts in terms of what is the truth of the Divine Path and what is the truth of the natural path. They are indeed two distinct pathways leading to two distinct places, endpoints. They are both heavens, my beloved son. And none of you can conceive of heaven at this stage of your development of the soul. And so, when you get glimpses into higher realms, places of light, conditions that contain more joy and more complex perceptions of the truth, it brings excitement, a deep interest, and a longing for more. And at times the seeking soul becomes overwhelmed by these complex conditions and states of consciousness, and in seeking an explanation and doing so with this openness of mind, this eagerness to know, you become vulnerable to spirit influences, which will bring their explanations and understandings forward and even in this process, your own material mind will interpret and interpolate many concepts already learned and stored within the mind.

And so it becomes a complex matter of discerning and knowing what is true. The mind will create many paradigms of truth and this is an evolving, changing set of beliefs and as such, in the end, what one begins to construct in one’s belief system of the mind evolves to something completely different as you grow within your soul; so that those complex ideas are rendered into very simple understandings of the mind, yet very deep and profound perceptions of the soul. You see, the mind is merely the tip of the iceberg. The soul is oh so much more able to perceive truth in a deep and profound way.

A truth has many aspects to it, like looking into a crystal and seeing all the many reflective lights and facets; so is truth. It is clear, yet it also contains many elements, and this, the mind cannot comprehend. It has not the faculties to do so. The soul, the soul can comprehend, and has the vision to see within and absorb and be aware of all the complexities, all the aspects of a truth. As the soul grows in Divine Love, as it is ignited in its faculties and perceptions, so it is able to see within those places beyond the mental constructs, into the awareness of the soul, it comes to that place of truth. With the blessing of Divine Love, comes a faculty and an ability to be aware of truth, through the Spirit of Truth. This Spirit will reside in you, my dear son, and within all who receive Divine Love. It will give you a signal, a sense, a knowing that you have discovered the truth and what you are perceiving is something real. The truth is an experience, as much as it is an awareness. The truth is a powerful knowing, a knowing in a way that can be utilized and exercised within yourself and within your being, so it will govern how you live your life in this world and the next.

A truth can never be dislodged once it is perceived. It will grow as you grow, the depth of it will be profound as you grow in the Love. So, truth will be added to, my son, added to. And it is that openness, which you indeed have, and eagerness, which is evident, that will motivate you, but be aware, my son, that what is required to know truth in all its wonderment and power and glory is a firm foundation within the Divine Love. This glorious blessing, this light, this essence from God will ignite the faculties within your soul that will bring to consciousness an awareness and a knowing of truth. You cannot put the cart before the horse, my son. You must pray first, earnestly for the blessing of this Love and allow God to gift you with those treasures of truth in the unfolding of your soul in the timing that is right and harmonious for you.

And this is an important understanding for all who seek truth. Do not push truth, do not try to grab truth from the air in whatever way you have decided to do so. For these efforts are of the mind, where within the soul, basking in the love of God, truth will emerge in visions and understandings, mostly indescribable but certainly palpable. So much is to come in your awareness my son and for all to understand the glories and wonderment of God’s Creation, the laws and the depths of what is truly a part of this creation. And you know, my son, as do many, that the mind and the information contained within the mind is an unreliable shadow of what truth is. It is your challenge as it is with many, to put aside those machinations of the mind and go into the depths of your soul, eager to be with God, a passionate journey to be at one with God. And in this way, all will come in good time.

I know the mind is impatient, the human condition hungers and thirsts for knowledge, yet much of what it finds in this earth plane is barely truth, fragile and vulnerable to much error. It is when you rise above the human condition and come to that place of communion with God, your soul open to His Love and all the gifts He wishes to give that you will find what you are looking for. It will come. You are poised for this inflowing of truth as you are eager for the inflowing of God’s Love. They come together, a gift, a blessing, a touch from God. Seek this with humility, with patience, with an openness and great faith. And God will provide you with all the truth of all the universe in a way that you are able to understand within the faculties of your soul. This will come. It is coming. Seek confirmation as you recognize the Spirit of Truth within you.

There is a sense of rightness when you come upon a truth. And I do not mean your mind says this makes sense. No, my beloveds, I mean it is a deep sense, a satisfaction that comes from deep within the centre of your being that indicates you are on the right track. And I would urge you when you have questions to go within and ask for the blessing of truth to come to you. It may come in words but most often it will come in a knowing that will seem so familiar and so overwhelming that you cannot deny it. Seek this experience of truth, of knowing, and your understanding of the laws if the universe, the aspects of the universe and the great Presence of your Heavenly Father, a knowing of who you truly are, and an understanding of the relationship you have with all that is and with the Heavenly Father. It will come, drop-by-drop, step-by-step. You will build within the mind of your soul a clear awareness, a joyful acknowledgment of the truth. May you be blessed, beloved souls, with an opening to God’s Love and Truth always, a never ending flow, and a beautiful awakening of your souls. God bless you beloveds. I am James and I love you. I love you.