Messages 2017

The Power of Astronomy and Astrology is Limited

March 9th, 2017

Abbotsford, B.C.

Received by A.F.


My name is Aekarius and I have not spoken through this instrument before. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and I was once an astrologer and an astronomer very long days ago in the kingdom which you describe as Phoenicia.

Much of what you call astrology has come out of the desire of men to predict the future and to understand the circumstances of what is in the world, and how the elements of the world interact, and of course the stars are a great mystery. And so the romantic idea of the stars combined with our traditions and our superstitions and our observations of the world came together and created the basis for astrology.  We attributed great powers to the stars, the planets, the world around us, for we did not have a clear understanding of the Creator at that time, in our culture and traditions. We worshiped idols, we gave God many names and many personalities.  Our view of the world was very different from yours, my friends. With our imaginations and our discoveries of the planets and the stars, as these bodies moved around us in the heavens, and our deep desire to know Truth and the operations of the universe, and our rudimentary understanding of mathematics all coalesced together into the art of astronomy and astrology.  This knowledge travelled about the world to the far east, the middle east, to the west and was elaborated upon.  These ideas did not originate from us exclusively for they were known and explored in Egypt and other civilizations in world history.  This desire, this craving for knowledge and a desire to control the world through knowledge - some of what is within the precepts of astrology - is correct.  

There are influences from the planets but these influences are not necessarily direct in their effects upon humanity, they are quite subtle.  What is more powerful are your own thoughts, are the energetic emanations of your planet, to some degree the emanations of the moon, and above all the influence of God, the Creator, upon all of you in this world.  Yes, there are many energies which are in interplay at all times in the universe, it is a very complex matter.  For you to understand this it would take more than the symbols and calculations of an ancient art for there are different dimensions to the universe.   

There are many influences upon each one of you.  Influence of spirit, influence of God, influence you play upon each other with your thoughts and emotions and intentions. There are a great many aspects which influence and even help to formulate your personalities.  The effects of the planets and the stars play a very minor role in this.  For the young babe, it is the parents, even in utero, that have a far greater influence upon the personality of that young soul.  Of course, the young soul brings in a sort of identity and a condition, and a purpose.  And then there are those who teach and influence the child and then there are the many experiences of that child in life.  Yes, many things conspire to create, to imprint upon that individual a personality and a perception of the world.  

And as you mature and are fortunate enough to choose to be with God, to open yourself to that great and Highest Energy, Vibration, Blessing of Divine Love, the Essence of God, this becomes the greatest influence upon your life and upon many aspects of your life.  And in many ways the influence of those outside conditions is changed or neutralized by the power of the Light within you.  Different laws come into effect, your life becomes a life filled with Grace - of Light - this is the predominant influence.  You have been told many times do not fear, do not worry, do not take into account those conditions and ideas and propositions that are not of God, but align yourself with God and the Truth of God’s Love and the Truth that emanates from God’s Love and the influence that comes with the blessing of this Love within your soul.  All changes with this blessing.

This is your Truth now, my beloveds, this is your reality, this is what you must focus on.  A relationship between you, your soul and God, the rest is immaterial. There is no need to worry about the influences of such matters as the positioning of the planets. Even the condition of another within your life only influences you if you allow this, desire this.  But a soul focused on God will find that all else will fade away and that one great relationship, that one great Light and understanding will become your universe.  The constellations of the angels which surround you, the great Sun of God’s Soul emanating its Light into you, will open your eyes to this great universe of Love and bring to you much knowledge and understandings of the workings of God’s great Creation and you will come to know yourself, that wondrous universe that is you and the great potentials that lay within your soul, beloveds, will flourish and manifest within the workings and timings of God’s great Plan and Will in your life.  This is what you must focus on, my beloved friends.  The power of Love, the greatest influence of all, does indeed permeate the universe and this brings the universe in accordance with God’s Will and in harmony with His Laws.  It is Love that is the great influence, far greater than anything else, far more powerful in its effects, and brings outcomes in harmony with the laws of the universe.

So my friends, this old astrologer has come to new understandings as he has grown in the Love of God. Those things long past, those imaginings and projections, ideas and principles, created from a desire for knowledge and power have been put aside in my life for something far greater, deeper and far reaching - the Great Soul of God - encompassing the Universe of Love. This is worth exploring in every detail and aspect. Those workings of the mind, that yearning to piece together subtle realities to bring comfort to the yearnings of your mind, are not necessary in the growth of your soul.  You may toy with these understandings but I tell you, in time, they become irrelevant, immaterial to the great Truth of God and His Universe.  These things do not help you in your soul progression.  I would urge you to focus upon prayer, to open your soul to the wondrous knowledge that God has to give with the inflowing of His great Divine Essence that will, in time, reveal to you all the secrets of the universe.  One must have patience and perseverance - a desire to know not from the mind, but from the soul.  As this desire is fulfilled, as you pray to your Heavenly Father to receive such knowledge, to be imbued with deep wisdom and knowing, you will find a great joy and an unshakable perception of the Truth, this I promise you.  Beloved friends, you will be blessed with knowledge and a deep understanding far beyond what your minds can comprehend.  

So my friends, you see true knowledge comes step by step.  Yes, you may start with these rudimentary concepts of the universe but I assure you, you will not end there.  For Absolute Truth will never come from the mind imbued with ideas and concepts that are of the mind.  Absolute Truth comes with the awakened soul. And you beloveds, are on that journey, that path that leads to awakening, transformation and at-onement with God.  How fortunate you are for so few take this road so early in their existence, yet you have chosen such and will reap the rewards of your efforts in many, many ways.

God bless you. I am Aekarius and I am very happy to be able to speak to you this day. God bless you, God bless you.