Messages 2018

A Portal of Light is Established in Fitzroy Falls

November 27th, 2018

Fitzroy Falls, N.S.W. Australia

Received by Al Fike


I have come to speak of the portal of light that has been established in this room. It is why you have come together, my beloved friends, to establish this blessed tool of communication, a channel that reaches far into the world of spirit to the seventh sphere. This opening has been awakened by God’s Touch, His holy blessing upon this gift.

These portals continue to be established as part of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. So, my beloved souls, you have been gifted something that is very important, even vital in bringing of blessed energies forth in your part of this world and you already have a sense of the responsibility of this blessed gift. To nurture it does not require great sacrifice but it does require your prayers and an effort to establish within your consciousness this presence, so that you may continue to assist in its activations. With this gift many blessings, outpourings of blessed energies may come through and flow through you and to you, this place, those who gather together in Circles of Light, even as you pray individually and ask for blessings for this world, so you activate the laws that activate this portal.

This beautiful gift will bring many blessings to you my beloved friends. It is a result of your prayers and your efforts to serve God and God sees the light in your souls. He knows your inner hearts and has entrusted you with this gift. So many surprising blessings come as your souls awaken in love, as you begin to recognize your true and blessed selves. Be joyed my friends. Be joyed at your beautiful lights and gifts and life upon this world, that God has given you much and will continue to do so. As you reach ever further into the light and truth and love, recognize the beauty of your own souls and the power of your souls to bring such gifts forth through your longings, the power of the light within. As you continue to pray and ask to be guided and shown the way of your path blessed by God, allow these things to come to your consciousness. Release any anxieties or sense of unworthiness or inadequacies. Know that all that you require is within your souls and it is in your efforts and prayers to align your souls with God that the truth will be revealed. Your gifts and insights will come and you will know deep and lasting joy and fulfillment in these years of your life that will be spent in service and love.

Draw the light to you with every breath. Allow the blessings of God which are great and abundant, to flow to you. Let down your guard and be that innocent child that is nurtured by the Father and Source of all.

God bless you my friends. I am Seretta Kem and I have assisted in the establishment of this portal and gift to you. May I come another day and speak to you about many things in regards to your gifts and what may flow through you, beloved souls. For you have many gifts, many unknown potentials, many things within your soul to be awakened and it is the responsibility and blessing of many of us to help assist you in this awakening of gifts. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. Seretta Kem is at your service. God bless you.