Messages 2018

Allow God’s Love to be Uniquely Expressed Through Your Soul

June 13th, 2018

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso


It is Seretta Kem and I wish to make a comment on the message you recently listened to, soul expiation, the expiation of the conditions upon a soul.1 In the beginning when a soul begins to yearn for the Love of God, to receive this most extraordinary gift – gift of healing, gift of wisdom, gift of knowledge, this gift which nourishes the individual’s gifts to share upon the world – in the beginning when one has a desire, a soul based desire to receive this gift of Love, yes there can be a thick shield that the soul is encased in, one that makes it difficult for the soul to find a way of expression. Yet there always remains a crack or fissure where God has this ability to commune Soul to soul with the activation of His Holy Spirit, His messenger of Love, to bring forth this highest gift. As this Love finds its way in, time and time and time again, as the desire of the individual heightens and increases to be with God and to commune with God and to receive this most high gift of Love, time and time again as this individual sits in prayer reaching to God, this Love will find a way in.

As this receiving of Love builds and grows there is a cause and effect upon the conditions that this soul is encased in. These conditions begin to loosen and dislodge and release, thus making a greater opening for this Love to come in and over time an opening for this Love to be expressed out into the individual’s life. For is this not a way in which God also reaches yet another individual but through the expression of one soul to another, be that through their action, or words, or gaze, or smile?

For those who have been sitting with God and yearning to receive this most beautiful gift and have an abundance of Love in their soul, you have noticed these conditions lifting from you and the change that happens within you. Situations or personalities that once perhaps irritated and rubbed in the wrong way or a way that disturbed you, there will come a time when you notice in a very subtle way how that condition or that situation or the personality has less effect upon you. It is because your soul, the depth of Love that your soul carries, is finding its expression through you, is activated and has an out flowing from you creating a more harmonious inner world, and the individual has an ability to have greater expression of Love in their life. Compassion grows, understanding grows, their connection to God grows and this individual has the ability to allow the Love of God that they carry in their soul to be used as this channel.

These expressions and these changes may not necessarily be noticed by others and this is not the goal. They are noticed by you. You notice the change, you notice the shift, you notice the subtleties, you notice your greater compassion, your greater sense of peace in you. This dearly beloved souls, is the goal. Your time in prayer communing with God receiving the gift of Love upon your soul and then having a recognition of its outpouring, of this Love’s expression in your life, this is what is most important. There is greater peace in your inner world, there is a greater expression of Love from the soul rather than the comparison, the judgements and the decision making from the mind. Mind is simply quiet and at peace but yet, noticing, noticing your growth, the soul growth.

So my beloveds, as you continue to yearn and to pray and to receive this gift of Love and those conditions are lifted off and you are healed from the error and the wounds and the hurt through your lives’ experiences, what remains is Love and Love’s ability to express through you. This will continue to grow and expand and flourish in your life. It can be expected by you, with each prayer, with each drop of Love you are being changed. There will come a time when you feel so close to God, your union with God is deep. There will be such a peace within you that your joy and your love, your compassion and your understanding will radiate from every pore and cell of your being. It is that Light and that Love and that outpouring that can touch others very deeply attracting them to your Light, attracting them to wonder and to start a conversation.

It’s a beautiful journey this journey of Love, receiving the Love of God, one that has no boundaries. It does not place you in a system where you are boxed in. Allow God’s Love to be uniquely expressed through you, for your gifts and your expression in their uniqueness is required. In God’s creativity there will be much expression through you. Truth is Truth. This will remain the same but, allow God to take you on your journey and be opened in your soul and in your mind to the many ways, the variety of ways that God will use you. There is so much potential. Please do not minimize God’s potential by needing to know things through your mind. Open up and embrace the way God desires to be expressed through you, that this Love you carry in your soul will dance in this world. Be open, be joyful, have anticipation. Allow the Love of your soul to carry a sparkle in your eyes.

There is great love for you always, I am Seretta Kem and I wish to express my joy and my love for each one of you, watching over you, guiding you and observing the way in which each of you are being touched by God’s Love upon your soul, being changed and allowing your expressions to reach out to many in this world. It need not be complicated, it is simple, yet very profound. It is wonderful to be close to you, I am Seretta Kem and I love you dearly. God bless you.

Note 1 This previous message is found here.