Messages 2018

Be Warriors Against the Dark

March 21st, 2018

Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii

Received by Al Fike


God bless you beloved souls, I am Luke. You remain vigilant of the dark forces in this world and you must remain vigilant for there are many forces in this world that would try to undo your Light, to challenge you, to bring you to a place of anger and fear, of disillusionment and weakness. The power of darkness is great in your world. It is relentless. It continues to have a great appetite to undo the Light, to bring all into darkness, for darkness feeds upon darkness.

You, my beloveds, are warriors against the dark. You must be strong and stand forth against the darkness to declare that you will not tolerate these conditions, to be strong, forthright, clear and yet loving. There are times when you must state your position clearly and with strength. There are times when gentleness and a loving demeanor will win the day and you will know from your hearts, from the wisdom within your souls how to approach these conditions that you face, the situations that come to you often unbidden and surprising. Yet those who do not face the opposition of darkness are those who condone these conditions. This is weakness. This is beneath the Light within you and the strength that you possess of Love. To acquiesce to these conditions is not God’s Will. So when you are faced with these challenges, beloved souls, remember what you must do to dispel the darkness. Often it is not done in words but in your Light and the condition that you carry, the gaze that you have upon another who is fomenting chaos and darkness, the prayer that you say for that pathetic soul so consumed in this condition and the compassion that you have that does not condone this condition but stands forth in Light and speaks the Truth and does so with Love, the Love that says: “I respect you as a soul, a soul of God’s Creation, but I cannot accept the error that you speak of and express in your life. I must say that this is error to those who are truly in error.” Not in ways of judgement, not in ways that condemns another. No, there is a path, a way which embraces compassion and yet does not tolerate the darkened condition that is presented. It is a look, a demeanour, a stance of dignity and strength that you must cultivate within yourself, that when those around you attempt to express darkness to you and their angry ways, their judgmental thoughts and words designed to hurt and push you away, that you may stand forth in Light and compassion and strength and say: “I am a child of God. I will not yield to your words. I have compassion for the distortions of your thoughts, the error of your ways, and I will be an example of Truth wherever I go.”

In many circumstances, this will not gather to you admiration, often anger, but yet you will know within your heart that you have done what is in harmony with God, that you have stood forth in Truth and you have not allowed the error to stand in your way. For as you grow in Light, you will be challenged, beloved souls, by many others for they feel your strength, they feel the Love and Light around you and they are frightened, confused, reactive to what you carry. Are you able to stand forth, beloveds, to say I will speak Truth, I will live Truth, I will be a channel of Light and Love in this world and I will do so without fomenting further darkness, but bring Light? If you are meant to speak the Truth and are confused as to what will bring further Light rather than reaction, ask for God to put the words upon your lips and it will be given.

Stand strong, my beloveds. Be in the Light always. Carry the banner of Truth. Do not allow those who would thwart your efforts to hear from you acceptance and acquiescence. You may merely speak the Truth simply and move on as you continue your work in this world. The power of God’s Love is often challenging and may challenge the darkness. Recognize this with within you, not that anger rises up, no, my beloveds, but a sense of Truth, a sense that you are in Truth and that that Truth may be expressed in many different ways but will always be a part of your countenance, your Light. You will be tested, beloved souls. You must be strong. Do not give way to error. Have faith that God will guide you through, in the Light.

I am Luke. May God bless you abundantly with His Love, strengthen you in His Love, bring greater Truth in His Love and wisdom and humility and grace. God bless you. God bless you always. My love is with you.