Messages 2018

Bringing Greater Life to Humanity as God’s Channels of Love

November 26th, 2018

Fitzroy Falls, NSW Australia

Received by Al Fike


I am Michael Collier and I have declared myself as one of your helpers my beloved friends. I resided in the country of England in the 1800’s and died in the early 1900’s. I was a simple clerk in the busy city of London and lived a humble life while on this earth of yours. I did not have a particularly spiritual life and it was in many ways lacking in lustre and excitement, but once I came to spirit my eyes were opened. I came to see the possibilities of this life and I was fortunate to have beautiful spirit friends who taught me of the wonder of God’s Love.

I’ve progressed quickly in spirit with this great passion of the soul and awakened in the Father’s Love. I struggled as all souls struggle to know the truth and to cast off the layers of untruth that I carried. Now I have earned a place in the Celestial Kingdom through receiving of this great gift of Love. I truly wish to serve those of you in your world, to assist you in your efforts to bring life to others, the truth of love, awakening others to the possibilities of life. For as one who lived a very drab existence, I do not wish to see my brothers and sisters caught up in conditions that are without joy.

With the gift of the Father’s Love, the awakening of life begins within you and there is great hope and a sense of what might be in one’s life. Each of you exemplifies this in your own way, though your lives are different to one another. You are always seeking more life, more expressions of yourselves in loving and beautiful ways and so you are the examples and you are the teachers by example of this great Truth of the essence of God that awakens life, joy, truth, wisdom and brings deep peace awareness so that every part of your life sparkles in Love.

So I in my humble way wish to serve those of you who wish to bring greater life to humanity as God’s channels of love. There are many such as myself in the world of spirit who have a deep desire to awaken humanity, for so many are asleep, so many do not feel the joy within them that comes with a soul awakened in Love. Though they may hide themselves in many tasks and ideas of the mind, with adventures upon your world that keep the mind active, they are still asleep. Underneath all of this is a soul yet to be awakened.

You my beloved friends know the path to awakening, the path to greater life and love. Do not keep this knowledge to yourselves. Utilize every opportunity so that God may touch another soul through you, so that your life and your light, may inspire others. For each of you is certainly a jewel beyond price, a beautiful soul that has much to give, with many gifts and talents and insights that may be shared with others.

Yes in the circle that was arranged, you see all the variations and differences of the mind’s perception of truth, but I tell you my friends each soul in that circle was touched, even those whose minds were of a very different perspective. Their souls felt something. They were stirred. A seed was planted. Love was given, given freely, given with an intensity that is rarely found in this world. So when you continue with these circles, opening your home to those who are seeking, remember it is not the outward signs and appearances and even their spiritual expressions that is important. It is the soul, that you give to the soul as God’s instruments and as channels of love. It is advisable that you have no expectations of those who come other than that they sit quietly in prayer, that they may bask in the light that is built in this place and receive the healing and up-liftment and maybe a few words of truth and wisdom. In this you will have done your work. You will have carried on the need of truth and awakening and light that God has for his children.

Yes as you well know it is very simple. It is your gesture of love, your prayer for your friends, for many others, your simple efforts and simple words that will ignite the most profound touch within the soul though their minds may continue to carry their beliefs and their understandings. In time, maybe in a very long time, they will come to this truth and make their decision as to what path they must travel. God’s work is offering the invitation to love and it is for each soul to decide whether they wish to accept this invitation or not. This is your work, to say that God loves you and that this Love may be carried within your soul and accumulate there and change the very nature of your being. Other than this, what truth is more profound? What may you share that ignites the soul? Do not get caught in explaining and constructing mental constructs of truth. This will inevitably be misconstrued and reorganized within the minds of those who already have their ideas and perspectives. They are not seeking this my friends. They are seeking Love. The one thing that misses, is missed in all of these religious and so called spiritual teachings, is the depth of Love that comes from God. This must be revealed and shown, allowing each to respond to this beautiful truth.

My friends, so your work is great and without end. Its actual expression is simple and powerful and easily executed, so do not complicate things my beloved friends and do not worry as to the demands of results, the possibilities, or the problems that may ensue, for yes, the human condition will continue to manifest with whomever you are with. This requires a certain detachment that is over shadowed by love and you beloved, beloved souls have every capability and light and strength to do so with grace and beauty. God uses each of His beautiful channels of love in many ways, in many ways.

May God bless you my friends and keep you in His Love always. I am close. Many are close who walk with you in light. The Master walks with you my friends. Many walk with you. God bless you. I am Michael. God bless you.