Messages 2018

Caring for Your Physical Body & Spirit Body

August 27th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada - Mediumship Retreat

Received by Maureen Cardoso


Our beloved Augustine touches on the root of a soul connection with your beloved Creator. This is the route to all of your gifts opening. I wish to come and speak to you to help you understand more deeply the way in which you may support yourself and take the responsibility to support yourself in the condition of your spirit body. This is different from the condition of your soul.

Your spirit body encases the soul, encases your physical body and is greatly affected by your physical being. It does emanate the condition of your soul but I wish to speak of these daily steps which you can take to support your spirit body condition. It is greatly set in your physicality and for gifts to open by the Grace of God’s Divine Love in order to share these higher truths and to be a medium in whatever capacity God has designed for you, for sharing these higher truths, this must be looked after.

You are watched, you are observed by us in spirit and we see your desire and those who desire to carry forth these truths to serve God and to serve humanity. This is what it takes to be a medium for the Celestial realms and for the teachers to be able to come through and use your instrumentality. Please watch your thoughts. This is a big task. But your thoughts, as many of you know, are things and if you are full of negativity, whether that be in silence or in verbal expression, this affects your personal condition greatly. Develop your ways of calming your mind into more loving thoughts. We are not asking you to remove every thought that is not a higher thought, that is too big of a task. Really what we are asking you is to develop your ability to strengthen your capacity to catch yourself when your train of thought is upon negativity and this too relates to conversation.

When you understand the power of words and thoughts and how they affect you and your world while by the grace of God’s Love having this Love grow in your soul and affecting all parts of you, your thoughts and your words in conversations too will reflect that growth. A simple prayer; “God help me with this” will suffice. There is not one thing that your beautiful, beloved Creator cannot help you with. But He is waiting for your call, in sincerity. So your thoughts and words greatly affect the condition of your spirit, that light that emanates from you.

From the physical sense of moving your body, it is important to nurture the body with physical movement in whatever way you can. Help it to be a strong, clean vessel for your soul. Each of you knows what works well in moving your body. Tune in to your body’s language. It is not necessary to join the masses of fads - oh now we need to follow this way, and this way - follow your own rhythm beloveds. For when you have the ability to discern your soul it will guide you in this relationship with your body and you will know what is right for you. Any movement helps your beautiful vessel that God has gifted you with to move more freely, to travel this world, to carry these teachings with greater ease in your physical body.

Then there is your dietary intake. Again beloveds, tune in to what your body is asking for in nourishment. Each of you are unique in your physical dietary needs as well. You will find as you progress along, these aspects of keeping the condition of your spirit flowing, those energies that flow from your physical body out to your spirit body as you learn to implement these practises into your life you will find from your lighter sense of being you will more greatly be able to tune into the essence of your soul. Everything is connected. This is a practise, a daily effort. There will be days that are easier than others and I say this to encourage you to uplift your entire experience of living on Earth.

Each of you are asked to come to a level of maturity in your spiritual expression. It is good to take it to prayer to God. Take everything to God. Let your faith grow as you take on your various aspects, those various conditions, those inhibitions, those negative thoughts of mind, those desires of the appetite that are of the appetite, the material appetite. Bring those to God and ask for help. Ask for a beautiful Celestial angel to walk with you, to help influence your thoughts, to help uplift your desires. Keeping you connected to God at all times, deepening your relationship with your beloved Creator. Allowing this Love of your soul that God has imbued to affect everything.

You are all beautiful, glorious souls created by our loving Creator. It is a gift for us in spirit to help you along and we invite you to ask, ask for our presence. Keeping your thoughts high, upon God is also what attracts us. When you pray, whether it be alone or in circle, when you pray for Divine Love you attract the celestial angels and we are there to serve you. So, my beloveds, please walk with the intention to keep the condition of your spirit bright, clean and illuminated.

I thank you for allowing me to come and share this important aspect, the development of your gifts. My name is Faith. I reside in the Celestial Kingdom and I am here to serve you. God bless you. I love you.