Messages 2018

Matthew and Jesus Comment on Conspiracy Theories

June 21st, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


I wish to speak about the forces of evil in the world, since you have heard from one of your sisters who is very concerned about this situation, this condition in the world of evil. There is evil in every heart in your world. There is error and darkness. It exists to one degree or another in the hearts of mankind because they are not close to God. They are, within their own sphere of consciousness, creating certain ideas and desires, and can be susceptible to various influences and conditions of the world, and having certain life experiences which seems to affirm their error and way of thinking. So the conditions of humanity continue to escalate towards negativity, not as an organized trend, an idealism, but instead it is quite chaotic from our viewpoint, quite random and quite misdirected. It tends to flow in every direction, through every idea and every effort that is made by your brothers and sisters in the world.

There are some who try to make sense of this random and chaotic condition of negativity, piecing together one element with another with another, creating a story of why the souls in this world have such a tendency towards the gratification of the material and the desires for power and control. So much in your world is tainted with these conditions. It is easy to believe that it is a willful desire to be in such conditions, and in some cases, this is the truth. Mankind, once having the taste for power and control, desires more and exerts their efforts towards this end. But it is also true that each individual who is motivated in this way is motivated for self-interest. They are not always on the same page with one another or with those in power in this world. There is a lot of conflict and disagreement. Since there are those individuals who desire to have the most power, the most wealth, the most control, they have a great hunger for this and try to see ways and avenues of fulfilling this desire, this great desire to feel powerful. For within their souls they are very weak indeed and do not understand the true power that comes with the awakened soul.

Have compassion, my beloveds, for those who are so wayward in their desires and efforts in the world, for they create a great darkness within themselves which does indeed have its influence upon others, which does indeed bring suffering to many. But to say that there is a great cabal of individuals who seek for the suppression of mankind to such a degree that all are placed in ignorance and have no understanding of their souls and their desires for love and light, this is error. They are merely seeking greater power and desire greater wealth, and will do so in ways that will indeed bring a measure of struggle and pain to others. They will, in time, have to confront their own actions in life, and shall suffer greatly when their time is to come to spirit. Each soul, to some degree and measure knows this truth, that they will have to answer for their actions.

You must pray for these darkened souls, those who are often misguided and believe that they are doing good in the world, yet are not. They derive such pleasure from this accumulation of wealth and power and feel that they are destined to lead humanity in a certain direction, to increase the influence of materialism. They so often objectify everything around them, including their brothers and sisters. Their heart is like stone. Their desires are insatiable. They cause a great deal of destruction in this world. Yet their sense of kinship with one another, these rich and powerful individuals, is superficial. They are not banded together in some ideology. They may agree on specific things, and ideas, perspectives, but whenever they act together, it is not because they desire to harmonize their actions and direction. Rather it is for self gain.

Do not be deluded by these concepts and ideas that there is an organized group of evil men who wish to bring greater evil to the world. If there were such a thing, this world would not be here, for it will have brought great destruction a long time ago. It is because the motivation of evil brings a certain isolation, a separateness, rather than a coming together. For each man’s perspective is different, is it not? Their ideas flow from their experiences in life, their view and perspective of the world. It is Love that brings souls together, harmonizes souls, and it is as you accumulate and come together in harmony, the way for change for mankind is realized. As you harmonize your souls with God by receiving His Love, the true power is established within and true power is shared amongst you, in Love.

Your motivations are so different from those who are dark and evil. In time there will be change in the world. There will be deeper understanding. Yes those who are dark and misguided will be exposed and shown for who they are and what they do. For God’s plan is the salvation of mankind, to bring harmony and truth and to bring the error to light so that all may flourish and work together in a common understanding and a common good that will promote, not only the Love of God, but the natural love of man. This is coming. Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into ideals and conspiracies that make sense to the mind but are no further in reality than the imagination that brings these ideas together. Yes those who promote these ideas, in their own way, although well-motivated with great ideals, bring a certain measure of fear and darkness. This does not promote light. It is designed to anger, to confuse, to bring such fear and resentment, rather than wisdom and love.

So it is, my beloved friends. You must use discernment when you hear of these stories, when you see another who creates within their minds such anguish and concern for a world that feels out of their control, beyond the grasp of God, and wholly controlled by men. This is not true. God’s influence is everywhere in the world. His Light continues to penetrate the darkness of this world. You are shining examples of this Truth and you will continue to grow in Light. It is not because of some unusual circumstance that you found Light and God. No my beloveds, it is the choice of your soul. You heard the tolling bell of Truth come to you and you responded. This bell continues to toll for humanity, all of humanity. It is their choice and they do indeed have the power of choice, to choose Light. They are not victims of the world and its cruelties in as much as they are not victims of the darkness and cannot pull away.

Within the hearts of each and every soul is a desire for Light. You must continue to spread this truth. Be strong in your efforts, whatever way is possible to bring the truth forward, to live this truth, to be steadfast in truth and to have the faith that God does indeed have a plan for the salvation of mankind and that you my friends have a place within that plan, as do each and every soul who so desires Light. You have a place. This plan that God has continues to move forward, slowly, surely it inches forward, claiming more Light, dispersing more darkness. God often does not work in overt and dramatic ways to bring truth to humanity, it is often subtle. Like the dawning light, it grows brighter moment by moment, not some instantaneous revelation. Rather, it is gentle and enveloping and uplifting, carrying you forward, carrying you forward. ( Matthew)

May you continue to find your way in Light, my beloveds. The darkness shall not snuff out the Light. You will be carried forward and guided, protected always. Do not fear the powers of evil, but step forward in faith and prayer, Light and Love, as God continues to awaken you, and His Light continues to grow brighter. You are accompanied by the angels that walk with you. You continue to see more clearly the truths and shed error from yourselves, from your minds and your souls. This is the power of God’s Love that will carry you forth. May God bless you mightily my beloveds, and carry you into the bright light of day where all is clear and love abounds. God bless you. I am Jesus, God bless you. (Jesus)