Messages 2018


July 16th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


God bless you,I am Andrew and I wish to speak on the subject of forgiveness. This is an important aspect of your growth of the soul. For there are many conditions in your world, many actions and thoughts, attitudes and efforts that are not loving. It is hard to believe on a day such as this that this world is dark. Yet when we look upon the world even the brightest day is enshrouded in darkness, which indeed saddens us as it does God that this beautiful creation, this world, has been sullied by the human condition, all those choices that are not in harmony with God’s creation that have created this darkness. We make great efforts, as do many spirits and individuals on Earth, to neutralize this darkness and bring light.

It is our goal and I know it is your goal, beloved souls, to bring greater light to this world. Yet as you live your lives, there are many transgressions that come towards you and you yourself transgress towards others in your ignorance, in your feelings of hurt and pain. Thus the act of forgiveness is necessary in order to neutralize these conditions within you and around you.

Without the desire to release your own pain and the pain that accumulates from these transgressions that are made towards you, beloved souls, your soul is bound by these conditions that must be released. Forgiveness my beloveds, is truly letting go and bringing love rather than judgement and pain and hurt, resentment and anger. This is what is required and this is a measure of your own soul’s progression, as God infills your soul with His Love. So the urge to forgive, to let go, comes with this blessing. So much of what you carry needs to be released and those who have trespassed against you need love, your love. Your desire to uphold truth and love must be within every action that you take, every thought that you have.

For you have committed yourself to this Divine Path and though you are mortals and imperfect, and at times weak, at times very vulnerable and hurt by those who trespass against you, you must be strong in your decision to seek forgiveness always. That the love within your soul is so powerful and so present within all of you, that you can forgive reflexively, no matter the intention of others and the conditions that others carry. Forgiveness and compassion come together in true soul awakening, an expression of love. It is a part of love and it is a beautiful and powerful expression of love.

Each of you carries an element of resentment and judgement as a result of those you see who have transgressed with negative actions, thoughts and feelings towards you, and it is human to carry these things. It is also human to express and to create these conditions. Yet you have chosen the path that brings you away from this human condition to another place where love and light, harmony and peace reside within you and so you must put these things to the test. You must choose to be loving, to express forgiveness and to have compassion. Even a measure of this, no matter how small, is greater than all good deeds done in this world. For it is the power of your decision that comes from the soul to forgive, to truly forgive, that will change the world.

So you cannot walk very far along this path without being confronted with this choice. For each of you carries many hurts. You have buried within you much pain as a result of your lives lived in this world. Allow God to take these burdens from you and in this release, express forgiveness for those who have transgressed against you, for this then cuts all ties and much is released. Then with compassion, all that remains will be transformed into love.

It is your challenge beloved souls and I know you have many challenges upon this path. It is not easy. But you must see clearly the patterns and conditions that are so much a part of you, to let go of your human condition and allow the ascension of your soul to form a marriage between your soul and your minds in harmony and love, and to release all those conditions within you that inhibit and place barriers towards this possibility.

You are far enough along this path now, my beloveds, to take responsibility for this important decision to release all conditions that are not in harmony with love. When you judge and condemn another or even yourself and lack forgiveness and compassion, you hold your soul’s progression from moving forward. You must let go of these conditions, beloved souls. When you are aware of such conditions rising up within you, say a prayer, ask God for help. Say to yourself: “This is not helpful to my soul’s progression, I must release this and walk further into light to allow your Love, dear Father, to infuse every part of me and to neutralize these conditions that are not loving or in harmony.”

Yes, you are not perfect, and this is a great deal to ask of those who live in this world that is so infused with these dark conditions. Yet within your soul is a deep desire to live in the light, to express the light and to teach the truth and be a channel of love. And so, in order to be a clear channel of the Father’s Love, these conditions must be released. You must be liberated from all conditions that are not of love. You have many resources at your disposal my friends. The angels surround you. God’s loving Hand is upon you. You have one another to support and love and encourage and inspire. It is not an impossible task, but it requires your attention and your efforts to walk in the light, to be a clear channel of love and closer, ever closer to your Heavenly Father.

As always, the choice is laid before you. God’s Love waits to infill, to transform, to heal. As you learn to forgive and have great compassion, so this blessing of Love transforms it all into joy and love.

May you continue to receive this blessing of the Father’s Love so that this will give the impetus and the power for you to make the decisions, the choices for light, for release and freedom. God’s Love forever upholds you, beloved souls. It burns bright within you. It is the wisdom, it is the power and the beauty that changes your vision of the world, your capacity to love, forgive, and it shall always carry you forward, compel you to greater light.

May you listen with all of your being to what your souls wish to guide you through as your soul is connected with God and God continues to inspire you and love you and this is expressed in your souls. God bless you beloveds. I am Andrew and I love you deeply. God bless you.