Messages 2018

Healing Through Love Creates the Wealth of the Soul

October 26th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


I see the movements and changes within your souls, beloveds. I see a great willingness and desire for harmony and change, the change that will bring deeper joy and insight, the changes that will bring God close to you, and the efforts and desires to serve in love your brothers and sisters in the world. And how you have prepared, my beloved friends to go out and serve in love, to carry the highest truths, the deepest of understandings that are possible within you. This brings us great joy, my beloved friends, that your motivations are pure, your desires are for the highest, and your efforts are directed in prayer beseeching God to continuously infill your soul with His Love. So God grants your wishes and your prayers fervently sent. God touches your souls deeply, igniting the chambers of your souls so in need of its warmth and love and healing.

Though there are times when you may struggle and feel the deep pain and longing for relief, it is part of the laws of release of the soul’s conditions which are not in harmony with love that must be enacted. There is nothing that comes from nothing. Everything comes from something and your sacrifice of your pain to God is the price for healing and release. He does not expect you to be in pain always but that momentarily expressed condition within you brought forth to God allows God to pluck this stone from your heart, to bring truth where there is darkness and error, to bring relief where there is pain and suffering.

Yes, it is difficult, but it is a necessary part of your growth and your healing. You cannot expect all things to be easy and without effort. Indeed all that is worth receiving and holding to your bosom requires effort, not effort that you cannot muster or are not able to enact. No the effort that comes from this deep healing of Love is in fact merely an acknowledgement of the need for this healing. That which may seem deeply painful is part of the healing process which comes with inflow of God’s Love. How long you carry this depends on how long you have held it so close, and how well you are able to release to God such perceived precious parts of you, made so much a part of who you are and yet are not truly a part of Love. Yes this is difficult but it is a great gift, a great gift that God presents to you in His Love and Mercy and urges to you to release at His Feet so you may be enlightened and carry on in the world without this burden.

Such are the laws that are enacted with Love. God blesses you with His Love and you feel its upliftment and beauty and grace, a relief from the earthly conditions and a sense of well-being. This Love sinks deep within your souls, disturbing those conditions that are not of Love. Ever so subtly, breaking through the fissures of those encrustations, loosening the grasp of these conditions not of Love and in time they are sufficiently loosened. It is your acknowledgement of them that will allow for their purification and release. This is a great gift, for once released it cannot return to your hearts and souls to cause you more pain. It becomes a distant memory, beloveds, a distant memory, not one that is active and pressing upon your heart. Such is God’s Mercy and Blessing to you all. These times that you take to acknowledge these difficulties and burdens, is very short indeed compared to the life you will lead free and awakened in Love.

To do so upon this Earth plane before you enter the world of spirit is a great boon to your spiritual advancement. When that time comes and you look back upon your life from the perspective beyond this Earth plane, you will recognize the great blessing that God has given you and see with the eyes of your souls the wisdom of the power of this healing through Love.

You each desire to know the freedom of a soul redeemed in Love and each of you inches closer to that place and that expression. The steps that you take are of the greatest benefit. They are building within you a wealth that you may carry for all eternity. So many in your world put great effort into creating material wealth which upon their passing has no bearing whatsoever. But you, beloved souls, are creating the wealth of the soul, the great amassment of light and love, of truth and peace, where joy reigns supreme and love is the currency of your lives.

How we see you in love, we recognize your struggles, for we too struggled at one time. We acknowledge your strength and your bravery and your willingness to move forward where many might shrink away. You push ahead knowing that what you do, you do in wisdom and love and a deep compassion for yourself and a true knowing of God’s Will for you. You will reap the rewards, beloveds. Not only this but you will bring much to many, many souls who seek the very same relief that you seek, the very same awakening and release and freedom from the stones within their souls. Beloveds, you do this not only for yourselves, but you do this so that you may help others in deep and powerful ways and to seek to be God’s instruments of change and healing, of joy and peace in this world.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Matthew and I know you, each of you, and I love you deeply. I acknowledge your beautiful souls and your great efforts and all that you have done thus far and all that I see upon the horizon that will be beautiful and wondrous and filled with joy. God bless you, beloveds. Matthew loves you. God bless you.