Messages 2018

Inner Soul Changes Will Manifest in Your Lives

February 4th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


My friends, it is Seretta Kem. It is good to see you move out into the world, to follow the urgings of your souls, to serve as channels of the Father’s Love in the world. God is guiding you thus, my beloved friends, guiding you to different places, guiding you to many other souls as we have promised and you will find that you will be called upon to speak the Truth of God’s Love and to be an expression, an example of this for others, to speak of this and to demonstrate. All is in preparation for what is to come. Like the fledgling chicks, they must flap their wings and try to fly. To use their gifts and see what comes as they reach for the Light of God and the Truth of God, so that it may be expressed more fully within each one of you, beloved souls. And that you may walk in this Light unimpeded by error, by fear, by confusion and be in the true flow of the Father’s Love so that everything that you may do in your world with each day of your life may in some way be an expression and reflection of the Divine Love that resides within you.

So you are being prepared and as you move forth in this new way you are being tested. We encourage you, beloved souls, to walk along this path of service, to accept the guidance that is given and to not to allow the conditions of your mind to impede your progress or your efforts but to take each drop of guidance given, each inspiration, each thought, each creative idea, to your souls and find validation there, beloveds, in that place which is connected to God, in that place that has the capacity and the ability to discern Truth and to discern the Will of God. Each day brings an invitation to find validation and clarity in the inspirations given to you, recognized by your mind yet often confusing, yet without precedence or power because the mind has trouble to recognize what is truly from God. So the mind, your conscious self, must sink deep into the awareness of your souls, the perceptions of your souls. There you will find clarity and peace, joy and recognition of what is meant to be on a journey that God has set you upon in service. It is a journey that opens many gifts and brings great wisdom. A journey that starts first with your prayers and efforts together, culminating in the expression of great gifts yet to come to fruition. Yes this is a time of exercising your faith, my beloveds, of exercising this new perspective, this new way of being in the world. Though the world around you has not changed in any great way, you have changed, my beloveds, and you must allow what has emerged from your souls to be made into something that is of this world but not truly of this world, that those parts of you may emerge and become recognizable in this world. This wisdom that you carry, this Love, these gifts, the ability to heal, the perceptions that reach out in love to another and help them to see more clearly and to move in Light. Many things, my beloveds, many things are coming to your consciousness and are coming to fruition and bloom in your countenance and being. The power of Love, its Light scintillating all about your being, affecting many things, my beloveds, in ways that are often too subtle for you to recognize yet this recognition is coming. You will be more sensitive and you will see more clearly as you continue to accept and express these new ways of being and in this evolution and revolution of your being will come the gifts that you so long for, the gift of direct voice, the gifts of healing that many of you wish to express to help others, your creative gifts to inspire the children, your efforts to write the Truth, your efforts to speak the Truth and to express the Light within you so that others may be inspired and understand your journey and find within that an inspiration of their own. Many things are coming forward, my beloveds. They are emerging not in the way that is altogether planned or in order but coming nonetheless. An aspect here, another there, an experience here, an experience there, a journey there, but it is coming together, my beloveds. It may feel random, but this is the expression of your souls emerging in what you would call an organic way, the leavening of the dough, creating something new, the leavening within your souls emerging and bringing something fresh and beautiful within you my beloveds.

The Light continues to grow within each one of you. Your prayers are becoming stronger and what is emerging has a power and a beauty, a Light that will change the conditions of this world, for this is truly being a channel of God’s Love, of being a servant of Light. As has been promised, doors will open, opportunities will come. Allow what is given to unfold in all its harmony and beauty touched by God. If there are parts of you that resist and are skeptical or worried and fearful, let this go, my beloveds. Allow the knowing of your souls to dictate your actions and give to you a deep sense of acceptance and peace. When this condition of peace and knowing is firmly within your consciousness as an acknowledgement of the validity of your actions, your desires, your efforts to move forward, then these mindful conditions cannot hold back the power of the Truth that is within you. This is your souls emerging, my beloveds, this wondrous opening and awakening. Yes it comes in fits and starts, bit by bit, step by step but it is relentless in its power and that inner desire of the soul to come to that place of awakening and to be alive within you, fully alive.

God draws you into His Light and you cannot resist the wonderment of this blessing, of this reality of God, this knowing of His Presence, this awakening to His Will. You step ever closer my beloveds into this Light. Those parts of you that wish to step back are weakening day by day, moment by moment as the flow of His Love continues to change you, to infuse you, to make you into something that has not been before merely in potential but now is coming to fruition. This is the miracle that is happening within you, my beloveds. This is the wonderment of the rebirth of the soul in Love, God’s Love. So, you continue to emerge, to awaken with flickers of Light and understanding, knowing and grace opening within you. You begin to understand, my beloveds, where you are going and how you will get there. Cling to that understanding, beloveds. Bring it to your bosom. Embrace this new way. Trust in its wisdom. Know that God has you firmly in His grasp and that we are with you as well, beloveds, we are with you.

Though at times things seem different, somewhat strange, disorienting, all will come to balance, rightness and harmony. You will find your footing and you will walk in this world, changed and beautiful. This comes and we observe the Light building within you, and we are overjoyed by what we observe and see. We witness the birthing of another glorious soul destined for the Celestial Heavens. This is your path, my beloveds, each one of you. You choose this path of Love, will find your way, your way to a home that awaits, a place that is in complete harmony with Love.

May your journeys be swift, my beloveds. May your awakenings be joyful. May your footings be sure and your efforts be clear and all that you are be a perfect expression of God’s glorious Creation, that unique being that is you. May this emerge in all its glory. God bless you, my beloveds. Continue in your prayers and your efforts and we shall continue in ours. All of us working together to serve God, to bring Truth to mankind, to bring Love to this place and to all dark places in God’s Universes. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem and I love you. I love you dearly. God bless you. God bless you.