Messages 2018

Know God with the Soul Mind

October 13th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


I am Thomas Aquinas. I welcome you to this beautiful day as I speak for my compatriots in this work to say that we love you. We are with you as you continue to climb ever higher towards God, that you continue to aspire towards the awakening of your souls and seek for the highest. Still for some, your minds speculate, ruminate, seek clarity and seek answers to those deep questions that are truly only answerable by the soul. For the answers to your questions, beloveds, has many layers and facets, and it is only through communicating with your soul faculties in alignment with your material minds that that deep and rich understanding of truth may come.

The soul is multi-dimensional, the mind is not. So to try and understand the deeper truths of the Father’s Creation with the mind can only lead to circular thought and speculation, forever spinning like a dog trying to catch its own tail. Until those parts of your mind release this effort in exhaustion, realizing that the answers are not present, that this allows the soul to have its say, to bring forth truth, provided that one is in prayer, in a state of receptivity and has the desire for the highest and the truest of things. The soul mind exists and its capacities for truth are limitless once ignited by the Love of God. The material mind you bring with you upon this life journey is necessary for you to navigate the material concerns of this world. Yet it is only the tip of the iceberg of your consciousness, so much lies hidden beneath that layer of acceptable reality. In your time together you are peeling back this barrier, opening new avenues of awareness, understanding and so bringing to you the truth. Though in the beginning it may shimmer and disappear and appear again in your consciousness, it is the beginning. As one beam of light reflects upon the water, enters your vision, followed by another and another until the whole landscape is filled with sparkling light, so will come your understanding of God, one beam hitting your consciousness followed by another and another until the whole vision of your mind is filled with God.

This is what the mystics speak of, beloveds. This is what the Master spoke of and many others who have experienced the fullness of God’s Presence. Each of you is capable of knowing God in this way, of opening your eyes to the great vision and Light of God, of knowing, of truly knowing His Presence, His universe and His Love. Like a newborn child who opens his eyes slowly, adjusting, adjusting to the new reality of his life, so you, as your souls awaken, can barely see, but sense something new and powerful all around you. We help to direct your vision and comfort you as you continue to awaken and experience things new and not yet fully understood. We are with you. Our love continues to enshroud and protect and uplift. We feed you with truth, like a mother feeds its child, making sure that what is given is ingested and its nourishment supporting the child. All this done in love.

You have a feast before you beloveds, a wondrous feast of truth, of blessings, of healing and of love. In your own time according to your own desires you will ingest these fruits of truth. This water of life, these morsels that nourish the soul and the mind and the body, are all laid before you beloveds. May your hunger grow and your capacity to be in that flow of God’s Love and Truth and Light continue to awaken your souls. God does not limit what you may consume in this regard, His largess is unlimited. His desire for your growth and happiness, joy and strengthening continues to ensure that you are fed, that you receive all that you need in order to be awakened and for this new and tender soul of yours to grow to maturity and beyond. You are blessed my friends, so very blessed. Accept God’s offerings, hunger for the fruits of His Soul, drink of the waters of the Holy Spirit, awaken to the new dawn of truth that emerges within you.

God bless you my friends. I am Thomas and I love you. God bless you.