Messages 2018

Listen with Ears of Your Souls

September 28th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


I come, I am Jesus. You continue to speculate as to your future as God’s servants in this world. And I say to you, there will come a time when I will appear to humanity and many others will appear also in this great plan, God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. And you feel the momentum building, the wheels in motion, the earth changing and humanity continues to walk with their eyes firmly shut. Not recognizing the bell-toll that is ringing at this very moment, tolling for change, bringing the blessings and the power to bring change to this world. Listen with the ears of your souls beloveds. Listen and know that God calls you to service and thus you have come together in loving support and a deep desire to bring gifts and signs and portents to this world that will awaken the souls of man.

And as you grow in the Father’s Love, as your souls continue to awaken, so many things will manifest through you, that will indeed touch deeply the hearts of others who are lost, who seek comfort and Truth and peace. You must always speak of the power of Love, the power of God’s Love to heal the injured soul, to awaken the wonderment and potentials of each beloved brother and sister in this world. You know that I am with you in this wondrous effort to bring the Truth of God’s Love to humanity, to make your efforts known in the world, to help to guide humanity away from the precipice of their own darkness. You continue to seek God’s counsel and blessings, to receive this powerful gift of Love. And you will see soon, very soon know the benefits and outpourings of this gift within you and around you. Many will benefit from your instrumentalities to bring Truth to the world. Beloveds, know that I am with you and that hosts of angels pray for each one of you and this is continuous. These prayers are for each one who continues to lay their lives at God’s feet in commitment and a desire to serve in Love and Truth.

The powers of Heaven, the Blessings of God, the strength within you, each one of these will turn the tides of darkness to Light and bring joy, harmony and beauty back to this world. This is so that those who come after you may live a life that is filled with all goodness and beauty and grace. You do this for humanity, for children yet unborn. You do this out of the Love in your soul and the calling that God continues to bring forth as this bell-tolls to humanity. So you respond my beloveds, and you respond in Love. I walk with you. Each of you has a special place in my heart, for you do my work, you are my disciples, you will continue to work in Light and bring this Truth to light.

Beloveds you are truly blessed and you will continue upon this journey guided by God, blessed with every step and every breath, until your time comes to be with us in spirit. Your time here will be purposeful and powerful. Do not concern yourselves with what God has in store for each of you; merely have faith that each day brings the blessings of service, learning and growth, the expansion of your souls in Love. And thus it will be day by day. Step by step. Trusting and growing within your soul as Love continues to bring it’s blessing upon you, awakening many parts of you that await this healing touch from God. I am with you beloveds. I am always with you.

The Light of the Heavenly Father pours upon you in this moment. Drink deep His living waters. The Blessing of His mighty hand is upon you. The Holy Spirit brings His message and His benediction to your soul. Open yourselves wide beloveds and feel this gift to bring a mighty shift within your soul, a great blessing and awakening.

God bless you my beloveds and I Love you.