Messages 2018

On The Value of Building Portals of Light

November 21st, 2018

Bayview, Sydney, Australia

Received by Al Fike


This is James and I wish to speak on the subject of portals of light that are being built in your world. These portals are a powerful catalyst to bring energies of change to your world. We rely upon instruments such as yourselves to help us build these conditions, this portal, where we may. This instrument has seen the vision of many portals being established in your world that will feed the spiritual changes that are coming and will connect the great lattice of light that is being built around your world. These portals act in some ways like a machine that functions to bring and focus energy. This energy allows we in the spirit world to make a connection and a rapport more readily with the material world. And much flows through these conduits, much in the way of energies, healings, lights and energetic forces that help to clear the darkness in your world and establish greater harmony to bring light.

It is important that you continue to follow your guidance in your travels that we may indeed utilize your gifts and prayers and intentions to help anchor these portals in the world. Then when you establish yourself in a certain place for some time dedicated to prayer, then you facilitate from your perspective upon this planet the possibility of working with us to create these conduits of light. We require your presence and we require the possibility of making a rapport and a connection.

Think of this, when one builds a bridge that starts from either end and cables and girders are built so they may connect and forge a solid foundation, so it is when establishing a portal of light. You are one side and we are the other and we work together to weave this connection, this structure so that it may become solid and stable in the world. These devices, generators of energy and blessings, are very important at this time. To establish them now is important indeed for they will be utilized in many ways given the unstable conditions of your world. They will be used to bring stability and to bring the light that is coming so that they may focus this light, intensify it, and we may work in concert with you to utilize these gifts and energies and blessings for the benefit of mankind and for the benefit of this planet.

My friends, building portals of light is as important as it is to create circles of light, centres of light. All these things go hand in hand with the great blessings of God’s Hand upon all of them. These gifts given to humanity allow you to be used in this way, my friends, and to walk in this light with the faith that you are indeed being used to be channels in many different ways on this planet. You are being prepared and your gifts are being utilized and the love within your soul continues to expand so you may indeed walk in light and be effective channels and instruments of change in this world.

Your brother James greets you with love and thanks you for your efforts. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.