Messages 2018

Prayer for Divine Love Opens the Door to Soul Awakening

October 3rd, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


God bless you, I am Martha. I wish to tell you some things about myself in the hopes that they may comfort you in your struggles and your efforts to come to know your own souls. I was gifted psychically all of my life. I could see and know spirits. I was well-versed in the spirit world. It seemed just as real to me as in the flesh. This attribute made me quite sensitive. I was very concerned about any comment that others would make about me. Unfortunately this sensitivity comes with the territory when you are a medium.

But how one deals with the sensitivity is important. Allow things to run off you like water off a duck’s back, as our friend Alec would say. It is important to not take the perceptions, criticisms, comments and judgments of the world too seriously. Because all this is a reflection of the human condition. There is no need to take instruction from those who are themselves so immersed in this condition. You must be stronger than that, my friends. I was also quite strong in my personality and very opinionated. This too caused problems in my mediumship in reaching for the highest, which I did in the latter parts of my life, thanks to our friend Ellie. This part of me was not so truly a part, but merely a response to my sensitivities, trying to protect myself from the world. As I progressed in spirit, I released much of this condition and this desire to have control in the world. I let go and let God.

When I passed, I went to the third sphere, which is a beautiful place. I was very happy there. All the concerns of the material world fell away from me quickly and I progressed quickly through the spheres coming to the Celestial Heavens as I continued to listen to my soul, to pray from my soul and to be in my soul. I have a great deal empathy for you, my friends, who still must deal with the material world. Many of you have strong personalities and strong defences. It is important, most important, to trust in God and release these defences and embrace your own sensitivities. Though you have all experienced the harshness of this world, you are in a different place, beloveds, a place where the strength of your soul protects you from the onslaught of negativity in the world. The strength of love in your soul desires to be expressed and to infuse every part of you, so that these desires for safety, control and the lesser desires to judge and to react are no longer needed as they are unnecessary.

You are safe, beloved friends, you are safe, safe in the bosom of God, protected by angels whose powers you cannot comprehend. You walk with guardian angels always. God’s Hand is upon each one of you and this light of protection keeps all negativity, all spirits that are dark, from you, provided that you follow the laws of communication and rapport, of attraction and the laws of love. Remember my friends, that your free will is a powerful tool that determines your experience of life. Your choices, even those that are subtle, reflexive and commonly expressed in your life are contributing to your experience, your condition and the joy in your soul. This is why we have asked you, my friends, to be aware of the workings of your mind, the habits and expressions of those things within your mind. It is our hope that you will put aside all these conditions while you are here together and focus solely on your soul, so that you may be cognizant of the existence of your soul at every moment, that you may entertain a closer relationship between these two parts of yourself. For your soul grows strong, my friends, and it is beautiful in light and has much to offer you in your daily existence and once you open the door to truly come to know your souls, then your perspective in life changes.

My dear brother, you know this. You spoke of this today. This experience, this deep change of perspective, change of desire and motivation is what will carry you all forward in the work that comes, that will unfold with the unfolding of your soul in conscious expression in your life. This is our goal, our desire, to assist you in this process of soul awakening, not just in prayer but in everything. But only you can open this door. Only your efforts, your prayers, your persistence and your desires can open this door. We may help to create an environment where this may be easier, where you do indeed feel safe and acknowledged. But the shift, this great shift towards soul consciousness, comes with the power of God’s Love within and the desire to acquiesce the power of your minds. Using your free will, you migrate towards the soul. It is your purposeful desire to do so even though, in many respects you do not understand your own soul. You wonder what it is that you are aspiring towards. This is an act of faith. Within you, within each of you, is a deep knowing that this is what you must do. The magnetism of your soul imbued with the Father’s Love draws you, draws you into communion and integration. With this kind of transformation of who you are and how you are in the world, you may do great works for the heavenly Father. For the wisdom, perceptions, the compassion and the love that will come from this will benefit many, many others.

You will have a magnetism, a charisma that draws many, where many of you felt somewhat cautious with others. You will desire deep connections, many connections, with those hungering souls, those lost souls that are seeking, that need comfort, truth and peace. In your true soul’s expressions, much will flow through you from God. Though this happens now because you exist in the world with a soul enlivened by God’s Love, it will become more overt and clear. The opaqueness will dissapear. The subtlety will go and be replaced with a clarity of your soul’s expressions in beautiful service to God. You are awakening, beloveds, from a deep slumber, a slumber that all your brothers and sisters continue to be a part of.

Oh how difficult it is for we who have been awakened to see how humanity continues to sleep. How much depth of beauty, depth of experience, depth of joy and love could come if all souls awaken in your world. These dilemmas and problems so prevalent, so concerning to you all would not exist in a world that is predicated upon love. This is your desire, as it is ours, to awaken the world. God has a plan to do so. You are most fortunate, my friends, to be a part of this plan and to have some inkling of this plan. It will become clearer as you progress forward, as your souls awaken as I have said. So much can come with the perceptions of the soul.

Continue to pray for the Father’s Love, for as you well know, this is the key to all. Any question that you may have, any concern that you may have will be answered in this way. For the awakened soul creates a great and clear channel to God where all things come. How you have all worked diligently. You have all prayed fervently. You have all made great efforts to release the encrustations and error from yourselves. Now you are on the verge of a great reward for all your efforts. It takes an intense desire to be in that place of awakened knowings, feelings and of being. May you search your desires, your soul, to bring forth for the intensity of this longing. May it be like a burning fire within you. Like the apostles at the Pentecost, that almost desperate desire for at-onement with God. May you feel this, beloved souls. Not like a burning ember that is almost extinguished, but a flame so bright, so hot, so piercing, that a great inflow of God’s Love will come and sweep you into this consciousnes and change you forever.

Thank you for listening to me my friends. I know your struggles. I have not been in the world of spirit for that long that I do not know the challenges of the earth. But, I tell you, I am here for you and many, many others are here to help you come to these realizations and shifts and awakenings. We are all here in eager anticipation of what we know awaits you. Our excitement, like that of your own child being birthed, it is that sort of anticipation and joy. We are here with you my friends and we love you. Martha loves you.