Messages 2018

Seek the Source of all Love, Truth and Light

February 24th, 2018

Hollis Woods Community Church, Queens, New York, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.


I am Moses, Moses of the Bible. So many in your world drift upon a sea of despair. Lost and confused, they do not know themselves. They do not know why they are in this world. They do not see direction in their lives. They do not truly feel loved. And yet, at these moments together here in this circle, you rest upon a different sea, a sea of Love. A sea that is God’s Presence amongst you.

Seek to drink these living waters, beloved souls. Waters that will nourish you, waters that will carry you beyond those conditions that humanity has created over many, many thousands of years, conditions that continue to bring pain and darkness to this world. You are drawn to Light, each one of you precious souls. You are drawn to the Light. You wish to have relief from the conditions of this world. You seek to know the Truth. You seek Love. And you must seek the Source. For in God, all things are possible. All blessings are given. All Truth becomes your Truth in time. The seeker must find what it looks for. The soul must find its purpose and direction in life. And until the soul finds its answers and knows its own self and realizes the possibility of Love, it is lost and continues to drift upon the lonely waters of mankind’s creation.

So, I beseech you beautiful souls, seek the Light. Go within to seek God. And in the stillness come the answers. In the longings of your soul, come the response of God’s Touch upon you. Ask that His Love come into your soul and it will heal you. It will bring the answers you seek. It will awaken you. And in this experience and blessing that may come to you again and again, you will be changed, and you will be empowered to express Love in this world, to know Love within your hearts and to know the Source of all Love. It is this simple yearning of the soul, the desires of the soul, which will guide you to where you must go. Go to that place of awakening, that place of knowing, that place of deep peace, that place that nourishes the very core of your being and will expand out and out, changing all of you, releasing your mind from its burdens and its confusion, bringing your bodies into alignment and bringing your spirit to joy.

These are the Laws of Creation, my beloved souls and they are simply understood and may be practiced without duress and merely accepted and expressed through these longings and desires within. Every soul desires God. It is merely the mind that keeps you from this awareness, beloveds. Do not allow your mind to hold you in a place where you cannot feel the awakening of your soul. Be kind and loving to yourselves. Have faith that in your efforts to reach God, you will have success. You will feel the joy of knowing God.

This is not difficult. This is easy. Do you not feel it now? Are you not enveloped in Light? Do you not have that recognition that there is a special relationship between you and God? For God created you. He created you to know His Love and you in your innocence and your longings will come to know God as the cornerstone of your life and in this all will follow, awakenings will happen, knowledge will come and most importantly you will love yourselves with such depth and peace and joy that all that is in this world cannot truly touch you, nor bring you pain, for you will be with God and God will be with you.

These are important Truths, my brothers and sisters. Take them to your heart. Pray and seek confirmation of what I say, and I promise you God will peel the scales from your eyes, will open your hearts like never before and will bring you to a place of such beautiful Light and loving upliftment that you cannot and will not turn back but move forward in this awakening of your souls.

God’s Celestial Angels will be with you if your longings are sincere and your efforts sure. This is how God reaches you beloveds. This is how God reaches every soul. He awaits your prayers, your efforts to be with Him. It is but a moment of your effort. It is a flicker of Light from your soul sent to God and the response that you receive is magnificent, beautiful, powerful, joyful.

Be with God now, beloved children. Be with Him. Release your barriers, your inhibitions, your judgments and come to know God, who is eager, eager to be a part of your lives. God bless you beloveds. I am Moses and I come to you in Love. God bless you.