Messages 2018

Soul Awakening Through God’s Love is the Key to All Gifts

October 26th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


God bless you, it is Keea. I have given you all roses to commemorate your efforts together. Each rose reflects the hues of your gowns, from greens to blues, yellows, magentas and purples. Each of you have a predominant colour that reflects your gifts, who you are in this world as a spiritual being. Surrounding you is a beautiful light of gold, each of you, a reflection of your soul awakened in Divine Love. And when you will step forward, beloved souls, you will find within you a deep desire and compulsion to be in the world as a channel of love, to express your gifts accordingly, to be unbridled by your minds and led by your souls.

You must continue to be awakened and to strive as you have together. The awakening of your soul is the key to all gifts. The awakening of your soul comes with the Father’s Love and you are given the key, beloveds. The key has been presented to you with all love and God’s deepest Love for you. Beloved souls, you are His servants now. You have been prepared. This awakening continues to change you. Your efforts are for the highest and the greatest good for humanity and in this we cherish you. You are a treasure of light in the world still awakening to your potentials but you are well on your way. You are well on your way to enlightenment and alignment with God.

Beloved souls, never underestimate your capacities, your gifts and your facility to act in concert with God’s Will. Do you not feel your fears falling away? Your deep concerns are no longer a truth to your being. They are merely vestiges of your old ways of being and as you continue to practice the way of love these things will disappear. You will look back and wonder why you have held on so dearly to these mental ideas and judgments of yourself and others.

You are growing up, beloved souls. You are growing in love, maturing in love and you begin to find your way in love. Practice your expression of love in the world with each day. Do not allow the conditions of your world, the old conditioning of your mind to lead you in your expression of life. Instead nurture and reinforce what you have learned in this time together. Apply this knowledge, this understanding, this awakening that happens within you, and make this your journey for this time as you walk out into the world. Though your steps in the beginning may be tentative, though you may fall back into old ways temporarily, this new way begins to take hold and will guide you forward. You will come to know your true selves and in knowing your true self, you will know God’s true Nature and Being.

The awakening of the soul brings many awakenings, much knowledge and strength and truth. You are becoming new beings and this will be reflected in all that you are. It is now time for you to express this with confidence, strength and a willingness to be true to your self and to all those around you. There is a renewed strength, a renewed and beautiful understanding of what it is to be upon this Divine Path. With everything in God’s Universe, there is change and growth, awakening and harmony. And so as you follow the drift of light and love towards God, as you trust in this river that carries you forward then awakenings will come, flickers of understanding, deep feelings of love and compassion towards yourselves and toward others. A need will arise to go out into the world and embrace your brothers and sisters with love, to affirm that love is the way of healing and bringing harmony to this world.

You know this truth, beloveds, this simple truth, a truth that is lost to many because they continue to be asleep. Their desires do not bring them to God. But for those you meet and express yourself in simple but loving ways, you bring the bell toll that may awaken these souls. As God’s channels of love you are touching other souls by your mere presence, by your mere gaze, by the love and light in your eyes. You remind your brothers and sisters that there is love and healing and deep peace in forging a relationship with the Creator. There will be times when you may speak of this love and explain in simple terms how to receive and pursue this gift.

Though your work will continue to forge ahead, slowly but surely in accordance to God’s plan, there will come a time when great doors will open to you, beloveds, wonderful opportunities and experiences that will touch many souls. For this is part of God’s plan as well, beloveds, for all who wish to carry the light of truth in this world. There will be extraordinary opportunities to teach humanity about this truth and it will be demonstrated in powerful ways as well through healings and manifestations, through gifts and powerful touches of truth upon humanity.

As you continue to forge ahead and trust in the awakening of your soul in prayer, in love, in expression, you inch closer to this goal. In this way the many potentials that are within your souls will be expressed. For this fruit continues to ripen and will be at the ready when the time comes when humanity will be crying out for comfort and truth. For the ways of the world you experience at this time, much of it will not be a part of your new world, this new way that is coming.

To navigate the changes, you must continue to cultivate wisdom within your souls and to be close to God so that you may impart God’s Will through you. You will be protected. You will be guided. You will be shown many things and know many things. You will walk in this world as powerful and pure channels of love to help awaken humanity to the ways that are in harmony with God’s creation. With this world given to all of humanity is a great gift and humanity must awaken to this, to awaken to the gift that is their own lives, to awaken to the possibilities of life in this world that are in harmony with this creation.

There is so much to impart to humanity, such a great work, a vast work that is laid out at your feet. Though in your humility you do not feel adequate to this job, this effort, it is as being God’s channels, His servants in love and awakened to His Will and His guidance that this will be accomplished. For yes each of you are only one soul in a vast sea of souls. But you are great lights in a vast sea of darkness and together you make a powerful light in your world.

Continue to support one another, to encourage one another upon this journey of soul awakening, to pray together when you can, to be together when you can, and to go out together in groups that will offer the truth of love, offer compassion, kindness, gentleness, strength and truth to others. Yes it begins small. You have seen how modest the results are from your efforts compared to what is required to change this world. But yet, the beautiful flower starts as a seed that opens and awakens to the possibilities of life.

So you each begin to awaken to the possibilities of your life. As you walk in truth, as you trust in God, as you begin to love yourselves and have deep compassion and grace and wisdom. Iñ trusting in what lay within your soul, you will accomplish wondrous things, beloveds, things you cannot imagine, things that will come and rest at your feet as gifts from God, as opportunities that God has orchestrated because He has touched you deeply and trusts in the wisdom that you carry because you have lifted your head up to His Being and asked to be awakened in Truth and Love.

So it will be in your lives to come a great journey filled with many opportunities, many open doors. It is because your souls and each soul, carries great potential. That potential is awakened with the touch of Divine Love. You will demonstrate this truth and show humanity what it is to be a new creature, a creature that does not rely upon its mental faculties to guide one through life. Rather the faculties of the soul that will bring deeper truth and knowledge and wisdom and thus guide one in a way that is much higher, more powerful, greater truth, greater wisdom, so that one’s expression of life will be of the highest and the most beautiful.

You are each children of God. You each carry beautiful gifts. You each will continue to work with God to bring about this transformation of the world. Though you cannot do this alone and there will be many others engaged in this, you hold very powerful truths, essential keys to unlocking the door of truth, of change and of healing for this world. You are entrusted by God to work on His behalf, to be His instruments for truth. Walk with integrity, with the strength and resolve that comes with a soul redeemed in the Father’s Love. Walk with humility. Learn to listen to your souls, for within your soul comes the sweet voice of God that guides you so.

My beautiful, beautiful friends who carry such light and beauty, who walk in this world in a kind of innocence and trust that allows God to work through you, may you continue to be strengthened, to be open and receptive to the Will of God. May the love that God pours within you continue to awaken you and show you the way.

You are loved, beloveds, you are loved and I love you. God bless you, I am Keea-atta Kem. I love you. God bless you.