Messages 2018

The Birthing of the Soul

October 2nd, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


So you wonder about your experiences in the dark room. The experiences that you will have in this time together will be somewhat different from what you have experienced in the past. For in a way we are re-calibrating the conditions and energies within the room and we require that you adjust to these re-calibrations. As you reach higher, which is what is necessary, then there will be more obvious sensations, ones which you have grown to expect. So we wait for you beloved souls to make that effort together to bring your spiritual condition higher, though I do not suggest that you are in poor condition, rather in order to manifest what we wish to manifest, you must work towards a higher condition.

May I suggest that when you go to bed tonight, say a little prayer and ask that you wake up in the morning with some insights as to what it means to be in a higher condition. What is it that your friend Seretta Kem is speaking of? How can I increase the light within myself and bring forth the light of my soul in concert with my fellow brothers and sisters who sit in this circle? Ask God to show you what is required and in this understanding that comes from your soul in its awakening, you must put this into practice. Seek to be in the highest condition possible. Each moment of each day affords the possibility of increasing your light, your joy and your love.

This condition must be as reflexive as your breath. It must truly be a part of you. We may indeed uplift you and do the heavy work as you may call it. This is not the objective. The objective is for you to take responsibility for your own upliftment that we may join together, joining hands, ascending into that wondrous, joyful, beautiful condition that is required in order to manifest these gifts and blessings that are so desired. Yes you have greater responsibility now, my beloved friends. With responsibility comes rewards and outcomes that are desirable. Consider this, beloved souls.

I know within your minds what I say seems somewhat obscure, but in your souls you know well that which I speak. You must go to your souls as you have been encouraged today, to go to your souls, to truly be in touch with this consciousness that lies deep within you. Make this your reality. Make this the normality of your life as your awakened soul yearns for recognition, for expression, to be embraced in Love and nurtured by God.

We ask much of you my friends, but in order for us to be successful in this work we must ask for the most concerted and focused efforts, reaching higher, higher, higher. Straining for the light, seeking to be released from that which pulls you to the earthly conditions, allowing your awakened soul to ascend and be free.

This is our goal beloveds, with this time together. We will not do it for you. You must do it for yourselves and you will mark your progress with each day. You will assist yourselves with deep prayer, contemplation and self assessment. It is not just of the mind, but seeking validation from the soul and from God. Yes, it would be a nice time, a beautiful time together in light hearted interactions, casual approaches, but I say, beloved souls, this requires more intensity and focus. Yes, it is somewhat serious and our dear friend Goldie would refute my words, but I say to you, I reiterate your old saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Indeed this is a great venture requiring great effort, seeking great gains. So beloveds, you have been called forward. We await that step that is required, that profound step where you know without a doubt that you have shifted your perspective and come to embrace your own soul. This is not easy on the earth plane, a place so leadened with unloving thoughts and conditions. But we will provide the space for you to explore your soul in a protective and safe environment. This we will do for you, but you must dig deep within your minds and see the power of your own choice, the efforts that are required to go beyond the superficial to that which is deep and profound within you. At times this may be painful and other times very joyful. It is the journey of the soul, beloveds, and you are close.

It does not require so much effort that you must strain and seek with angst and pain. No, my beloveds, this is a journey of love and uncovering what is truly you, what truly exists within you. As long as you keep your minds, your material minds focused on your goal, disciplining your thoughts, your actions, intensifying your prayers, it will be, it will come and it will come like a gift. The revelation of this awakening within each one of you will come in your own unique ways, in your own experience. No one can do this for you, experience this with you, it is yours alone with God. It is profound. This shift will change everything in your life and it is meant to, for the awakening of your soul is the most profound change any soul may experience and lead you upon a path so wondrous and beautiful that nothing in your experience in life here or in spirit can equal this time of recognizing your own soul. Awaken to God, awaken to your own true self. This is worth working for beloveds, and the outcomes of this profound shift within you are the many gifts that will come naturally from this deep experience and change.

Continue to pray for the blessing of the Divine Love and this I promise you beloveds, each of you is in the birthing chamber of your soul surrounded by we who are your midwives. We will assist you in releasing that shell that keeps you contained within that safety that you have sought for so long because of the fear and challenges of this world that now must be released. In this you will teach others how to find their way to that place of true freedom, true joy, true awakening, the birthing of your soul, beloveds. This is what will come of your time and you will witness each other in this awakening. God bless you. God bless you beloved souls. My love is with you. Many are with you. God bless you.