Messages 2018

The Importance of Your Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings

November 22nd, 2018

First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso


Beloved souls, my name is Lotus Blossom and I bring you my love. Yes indeed, beautiful souls you are indeed at home for it is your soul that communes with God and the way God communes with you. In this time of sitting together in circle, opening your heart, longing from your soul to receive this most precious gift of the Creators Love into your soul, a great blessing comes to you. Each time as you return to this practise of opening up your soul with sincerity leaving the mind in its stillness, your soul will receive a response from the beloved Creator where all healing will happen bit by bit by bit each time you make the effort to join your Creator living in a union such as this. Does the setting need to be in circle, in darkness and quiet? No, it can be at any moment, at any time. Draw this Love into you many times throughout your day.

I would like to come and share with you the importance of your thoughts, your emotions and your feelings and how these three aspects are great indicators for you to pay attention to, for they have the potential to create a great connection and flow of energy to you and from you. They also have the potential of inhibiting light and love to you and through you. Beloved souls, your thoughts are energy and very powerful. You are all well aware when your thoughts are on things of a high vibration and you feel a lightness within you and then when your thoughts are upon things that cause you distress or stir up anger, or hatred, there is a dimness that resides in you and emanates from you. It is through your well ingrained patterns and habits of thinking that you fall into these mindless patterns. Beloveds it is important that you make your effort to discipline and redirect your thoughts into a higher place and a higher form. For this then brings your spiritual condition, the energies that flow from your physical body to your spirit body, into light and it draws in great light into your physical being right from the top of your head down to the very soles of your feet. This current of light emanates and dances within you. But please do not be hard upon yourselves when you find that your thoughts may be darker. It is just an indicator for you to learn from and discipline yourself by stopping and replacing these thoughts and patterns with ones that you know bring greater light to you.

I invite you to call upon me, Lotus Blossom, to help you when you are feeling down in your thoughts and feeling somewhat trapped in your patterns and habits of thinking. For, I am here to serve each one of you. It is a great joy to serve you.

And so, it also goes with your emotions and feelings. These, beloveds, are conditions that are covering the light of your soul. As one moves throughout their life, living their life and making their choices, some choices can create the darker condition to exist and encase the soul. Once you become aware of how important your choices are, the way they affect your true essence, your soul, you will have a desire to choose choices that reflect love and reflect light. So beloveds, these many emotions that each of you carry can be healed by the great gift of Divine Love which is inflowing into your soul as you sit in this circle now. As this Love comes into your soul it begins to stir and over time, it will dislodge and melt away and heal these emotions that are covering the soul. As these conditions are released from your soul, then beloveds, the light of your soul expands and grows, wisdom comes, gifts are awakened, truth is bestowed and there becomes this great, deep union between you and your beloved Creator and you begin to understand that everything is between you and your Creator. For your beloved Creator sees the beautiful soul that you are, He sees your suffering and He also sees and acknowledges your healing and your efforts. He is always waiting to come and provide this gift of Love. So as time moves on and this Love builds in your soul, as this Light grows in you, you will find that your life, your physical life’s experiences will also align deeply with truth and in harmony in God’s Will for your life.

So it is my encouragement that you add this beautiful prayer, opening up your soul, receiving this gift of Love, this warmth, this comfort, this all knowing Essence into your soul and to watch and observe your emotions and feelings changing. Ones that were of lower consideration are now higher. There is greater joy and gratitude and appreciation, your thoughts are loving and understanding of others and yourself. Everything begins to come together and take its effect. The Love of God dances in your soul affecting every cell in your body. It is a most worthy effort and one where you will see and watch your essence, your soul come to life with a desire and ability to express its purpose and many gifts. For each soul is imbued with many, many gifts.

Beloveds, enjoy your eternal journey home to God. Take this moment in time on this journey of yours and allow God to unravel all of those bits and pieces in you that are not harmonious, that are outside of light and outside of love. For every soul this exists within. And, be grateful, say a prayer of thanks to God for changing you. For that is what will happen beloveds, you will be changed to love and to light in unexpected ways, in limitless and countless ways, this expression of love and light will be expressed from your soul. Your words will be of love, your thoughts will be of love, your touch will be of love and every step will be stable in the Grace of Love.

I hope that I have touched your hearts and your souls with my words beloveds, for I love to come and speak and share and teach and encourage my brothers and sisters on this earth plane for I too, once lived on earth. I understand your struggles and I feel great joy by being gifted to come and speak to you and to help you to understand a little bit about this great gift of God’s Love, the highest gift available to mankind in all the universe. Drink deep of these waters, beloveds and seek often. Be in the arms of your beloved Creator who will nourish you and replenish you, soul, body and mind.

God bless you, I am Lotus Blossom and I love you, God bless you.