Messages 2018

The Laws of Rapport in Development of Direct Voice

March 6th, 2018

Punaluua, Oahu, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike


I wish to speak of the Law of Rapport and Communication in regards to the development of direct voice. You have read about the mechanics of mediumship, establishing a connection and rapport with the instrument in question and how there must be a vibrational resonance between the instrument and the spirit who wishes to communicate. This also is important with material communication. As we have told you, beloved souls, each of you who are a part of the seven individuals who are working together for this gift may be used in this way to bring about material mediumship. Only one of you at this time has the deep familiarity with the Laws of Rapport and yet each one of you will be used in this way and must familiarize yourselves with this experience for you will be used as a medium to bring forth these communications.

As we have told you many times, the most crucial element in bringing forth communication from the celestial angels comes in receiving an adequate amount of Divine Love within your soul. It does not require a soul redeemed in Divine Love, although this would be optimal. It requires a level of Light within the soul that is brought about by reception of the Divine Love. This Light has a certain vibration, as you call it. It resonates at a certain level. It gives a certain signal from the soul, a resonance that is similar to what is present within the angel who comes to speak. Like tuning an instrument, a stringed instrument, the sound that comes from these strings, one and the other, must harmonize and be tuned to a certain level in order for the communication to be clear. This comes from intention, beloved souls, as well as Light and desire, and in some ways a clear understanding of Divine Love and the Laws of God’s Love that comes from the mind and can be expressed through the mind. In the case of material mediumship it is not absolutely important for this to be so. What is also important is to have a body, a material body, that is healthy, for it can be a strain upon the body to raise the vibration such that this communication can take place. So there are many factors involved to create this alignment, the alignment necessary for communication to be successful. The physical body must be well hydrated and have a certain chemical composition and balance which facilitates bringing about conditions for direct voice.

With a soul that has a sufficient amount of Divine Love within it, added components, aspects of this communication, are available to be used for materialization. You have heard the story of when our Master Jesus dematerialized his body and rematerialized it and walked the earth again for several days. This is an extreme example of what we are speaking of today and would not have been possible without the high condition of his soul making this manifestation possible. So as I’m sure you are well aware and understand, it is a condition of your soul that is most important. Secondly, it is the receptivity of your mind. And thirdly, it is the condition of your material body. These three factors when in alignment and brought to a level of Light and the spiritual condition in harmony with the Laws of God’s Love will bring about manifestations that you seek.

Even for one such as Jesus such a manifestation was not easily executed. It required the help of many spirits to assist him in this and yet because God touched our beloved brother so deeply and gave the blessings that were required in conjunction with the condition of his soul, this manifestation was possible. When you are successful in this venture, such things are theoretically possible with each one of you, although I am not speaking of the conditions under which Jesus manifested his body. I am speaking of the conditions in which you will be sent forth to speak to humanity. In order to accentuate and validate your words, these manifestations will take place and in some cases you will be called upon by those in power in the world to bring counsel, counsel that will be given through you and manifest from you, that the words that are necessary information that will be given, will be given clearly and succinctly and will be believed because of these manifestations. It is a plan, my beloveds, an intricate plan that requires many steps and requires a great deal of your commitment and your efforts to bring it to fruition.

So I wish for you, my beloveds, friends, to take stock of your own condition in these three areas and consider if you are prepared, if you are in that condition that will bring about the alignment and the resonance, the vibrational synchronicity that will bring about these manifestations. As we have said, this is not an easy task. It requires a great deal from all of us to come about and be as it is meant to be. It cannot manifest in any other way other than for the highest with the highest of intentions and with the most optimal conditions. So we continue to fine tune each one of you, to make adjustments, to encourage you in your pursuits to be in harmony in these areas and to receive greater quantities of Divine Love. So you progress, step by step. You have come together once again, giving us the opportunity to make these adjustments amongst you, to utilize the power that you generate together to bring the optimal conditions possible.

So it is important for each of you to take the responsibilities that are placed before you seriously and to apply yourselves wholeheartedly in this pursuit of lifting you up beyond the conditions of this world, beyond the conditions of humanity, beyond much of the conditions of the spirit world, to a place heightened in Light, beautiful in its vibrational frequency, in harmony with God’s Love. Indeed you feel a difference when you sit together in this way and you are uplifted. And you realize that much of this upliftment is caused by our efforts to uplift you. But as you continue to make your efforts to uplift yourselves, you make the possibility of further progress possible. So each day, my friends, each day may you make greater effort, may you focus more intensely, may you be more prayerful, may your thoughts be pure in nature and spiritual in quality so that you may be in that state of readiness so that the possibilities that are laid before you in the opportunity to serve God may come and be expressed in all its fullness.

From a technical sense your time together in the past has readied you and much of what is required in terms of these conditions are present, for you worked very hard when you were together. You met every challenge with love. You worked through the conditions without resistance. You did not succumb to temptations that would bring you away from these conditions. You prayed eagerly and earnestly for the Father’s Love. And then you were sent to be on your own to some degree, to live your life in this world, tested with each step, monitored with each action that you made and supported and guided by the angels. Some of you felt the struggle intensely. But it is in this struggle, in this desire for something higher and with the understanding and perception of what is required, that you continued to seek and to express yourselves in the ways in which you were requested to do. This is not easy in the world and yet, when you bring this gift into the world, will you be so insulated from the conditions of this world that they will not challenge you? No, my beloveds, you must be strong enough to bear the Light wherever you go, to be in this condition of harmony and Love wherever you go. When you are able to bear this Light consistently with such strength and faith, with such Love for humanity and for yourselves, for God, then you will be ready. The last components of this venture will fall into place and you will serve as instruments of God in such a unique and powerful way that many, many souls will take notice and you will embark upon a journey like none other, a magnificent journey of service, of opening the doors to mysteries that mankind has often wondered about, of bringing about the Truth of God’s Love in such concrete ways, with such expressions that are irrefutable. This is the desire of your souls, my beloveds. This is what you seek. This is why you feel anxious and frustrated at times, because you know this is within your reach, this is possible and you wish for it to be a reality.

Do not blame others or the world for the conditions of humanity that hold you back from this gift. No, my beloveds, only you hold yourself back. The responsibility lays squarely upon your shoulders. You cannot blame anyone else but yourself if that is what you wish to do, although I would advise you to start each new day afresh with optimism, with prayer, with the sure knowledge that you will accomplish your goal, that all the resources required to do so are at your fingertips. It is a matter of your choice with each breath, your thoughts, those actions that you take each day, with your diets, those prayers that you make each day for the Father’s Love. It is simple as we have said many, many times … it is simple. Yet you each must live your lives in accordance to your desires and will. God gives you this gift, and yet you have been tutored in the ways to live a deeply spiritual life and so you know the road to take. You are well aware of what you must do. Yes, it requires discipline. It requires deep dedication, constant prayer that you may be at an arm’s length from the conditions that you encounter with each day, to not allow your minds to entertain thoughts of disappointment and judgment, frustration and unloving things or thoughts.

Each of you is a child of God. Each of you knows this. Each of you has the power and wonderment of His Love within your souls and yet each of you are human. Slowly this humanity is being absorbed by the power of the Father’s Love creating something new, a rebirth of your soul. Keep this in mind, beloveds. Focus upon this new awakening, this new part of yourself that is emerging, your soul giving birth to yourself, your true self, in the Light of God. Keep this central in your thoughts, that your thoughts may resonate with your soul and the mind of your soul. This is where discipline is important. To change the patterns of your thinking, to discipline yourself in such a way that these old thoughts, that these negative judgments, that these feelings that often stem from a sense of grief and aloneness may be vanquished and replaced with Love.

So we continue our efforts. We see your progress. We acknowledge your heartfelt desires which emanate from your souls. We continue to surround you and protect you, to uplift you and uphold you. But your responsibility, my beloveds, is to engage with us in this effort to uplift and uphold. You must meet us at a place where we may work closely together and be in harmony where these two instruments, the instrument of your soul and the instrument of our souls may harmonize together, creating such beautiful, deep and resonate sounds that reach the Heavenly Father and bring a powerful response.

Be with God, my beloveds. You are with God. Receive the blessings of His Love and know that you are loved and know that you are becoming Love. May this be so, may this be so. God bless you, my beloveds. I am your friend and servant, Seretta Kem, and I love you. God bless you. God bless you.