Messages 2018

A Talk on the Sins of the Parents

April 4th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C., Canada

Received by Al Fike


I wish to assure you my daughter that celestial angels do not take offence, nor do they feel judged by mortals. The most extreme feelings that may come from a celestial angel are compassion and understanding and love. So do not fret, beloved daughter. Do not take great concern for those judgments and feelings that cause barriers with we in the Celestial Kingdom, for it is your challenge to overcome and Love is always present, beloved daughter. Love and acceptance is always yours as you continue to grow and expand in the Father’s Love. You will overcome this barrier easily, for as you continue to inquire from that place of soul and those feelings of Love, you cannot feel anything but Love and a sense of gratitude for all that is given to you, beloved daughter, all that continues to pour upon you and your life in Light. It shall always be thus, beloved, and we understand that there are expectations of the mind that are not easily met. Yet in God’s Wisdom all that is given to you is given in its perfect timing and beauty and blessing. All is given, beloved, and all is forgiven – instantly forgiven.

Now you wish to have a message about “the sins of the parents visited upon the third and fourth generations” and I wish to deliver this message. We shall see if we can proceed and give clarity to your questions and thoughts. First one must understand the concept of sin. It is going beyond the bounds of the laws created by the Heavenly Father. These laws apply to the material and the spiritual equally. Humanity continues to live outside of these boundaries that God has created through the application and blessing of free will. Thus mankind creates its own reality and condition in which it lives and expresses itself. These conditions, these realities are created by the mind of mankind. Often the soul is ignored, the understandings and intuitions of the soul are not given credibility and not expressed in any way, but subjugated and subverted by the mind. Thus the conditions of sin, the disharmony, the ignorance of the laws of creation continue to be expressed by humanity. So, the environment in which every soul incarnates into this world is polluted by many thoughts, conditions, spiritual energies and environments that are not in harmony with God’s Laws.

The mother who carries a child carries a great responsibility. If the laws of God’s Creation were followed, then that mother would take the time to pray and be uplifted by God in the term of her pregnancy, thereby creating the optimal environment for a new and tender soul to come into this world. Instead most mothers go about their daily lives as before, continuing to absorb many different energies, which continue to proliferate in her thoughts, continuing and often indulging in waves of emotions, both positive and negative, thus creating an environment that is somewhat tumultuous for the child to gestate within. A new soul is very sensitive indeed and absorbs much of these energies and these emotions, these conditions which the mother is expressing, thinking and feeling. She has had a similar experience in her own birthing, also absorbing many of these conditions, what you may call sin. So it goes back generations, not only thoughts and judgments, perceptions and ideas which originate from the parents and passed on through generations, but conditions of fear, anger, confusion and depression. Many conditions, many emotional states are absorbed by the child. There are no defenses within that child to these conditions. They are readily absorbed, just as a child absorbs the nutrients from a mother, the child also absorbs the energies created by the mother. Then once the child is born, the onslaught continues, though there is love, this is not to be discounted for it is a vital part of any upbringing of a child, and the power of the mother’s love helps to neutralize many conditions and negativities.

Yet there are certain errors in thought, certain patterns within the mother that is often transferred to the child by a sort of osmosis, the mother and the father expressing their reality which the child absorbs, observes and often takes on these conditions. Of course the child has its own free will and choices to make, especially as he or she grows up and chooses for themselves what it is that they believe, what reality they wish to absorb and to live by. So there are many complicated factors in the development of any human being, for each is unique and each will choose the expressions and patterns of their lives. Yet the cultural norms, the emotional realities, the powerful ebb and flow of the thoughts of all humanity will play its part and influence that individual to create certain conditions within them. The mind serves to reinforce these expressions and ideas, this reality, and often very little consideration is given to the soul, to the individual’s relationship to God. It is this relationship with God, this connection with God that comes through the soul and the soul longings, which is the most powerful way of neutralizing the error and conditions that are created in this way. It is the power of Divine Love that is the great healer, washing through the individual, cleansing the soul, assisting the mind in its adjustments and its ability to see the Truth of God’s Creation rather than continuing to accept and reinforce the reality that mankind has created over so many thousands of years.

Yes the waves of the human condition, the human reality, continue to be reinforced and intensified by so many souls who continue to accept and adopt these (incorrect) ways of thinking and doing in the world. These conditions have grown so acute, that the world is smothered in darkness, clouds of conditions and thoughts that are not in harmony with Love and God’s Creation. Thus we consider those of you who wish to be uplifted from these conditions, who wish to change in their thinking, who wish to adopt the reality of God and to live by the laws of God’s Creation and to be in the flow of His Love, we consider you as precious, precious souls, Lights in this world, those who are willing to fight against the onslaught of the darkness and the ignorance, the lack of love and the inhumanity that is in this world.

So you see that these conditions are constantly reinforced and begin in the womb and it is indeed a great struggle for any individual to go beyond and above these conditions to a new way of thinking and being in the world. It is the power of God’s Love that gives you the impetus, my beloved children, to rise above the human condition. God gives you what you require. God strengthens you. God awakens your soul. God gives you the awareness of the choices that you make, the thoughts that you have, the expressions of your life in this world. You are given great insight, beloved souls. You are given the great power of the Divine Love to change those things within you that are not in harmony with God’s Laws and to be an example in the world, to be a channel of His Love bringing this Light into the world and thereby dissipating some of the darkness.

So you walk an important path, my beloveds. You walk and live this path so that future generations may find their way into Light. Though you may have been a victim of the conditions of this world, and you may have absorbed much of those conditions that have settled around your soul and within your mind, yet God has given you every opportunity, every possibility to neutralize these conditions, to be cleansed and to grow in Love. So God continues to pour His Blessings upon you as you are willing to receive them and God continues to encourage you within your soul the ways that are in harmony with Love. These encouragements and inspirations and wisdom bubble up into your minds creating new ways of thought, of perception of the world and of yourself. As you begin to love more, to accept others, to release your judgments, to release your fear and your pain, your desires for those things that are not in harmony with Love, so you strengthen the Light within you and all about you and you make a certain change to the atmosphere of your world.

The energetic atmosphere is affected by the Light within your soul and by whatever means God uses for you to be a channel of Love and Light and Truth in this world of yours. So much is possible through your instrumentalities and your desires to bring change to this world. You begin to recognize and feel the power of the Light within your souls and you begin to imagine what you might do in bringing Light and Truth and Love to those you meet upon your path. God continues to inspire you, beloved souls, and despite the conditions which you inherited from your forefathers and your parents you have been strong enough to change the course of your destiny. You chose Light. You chose to step away from the conditions so steadfast in your world and to go a different way. This is a testimony to the strength of your soul and the determination of your mind to walk in this world, but to not be of this world. This requires great strength and God continues to bless you, beloved souls, and will lead you on this path of awakening and awareness and being a channel of Love and Light, Truth, an instrument of peace, a loving and compassionate soul.

May God continue to awaken you, to show you the way. Yes at times you have glimpses into these old patterns and ways of thought and expectations that are not in harmony with the flow of God’s Will, but you quickly recognize these things and ask help to neutralize these conditions within you. You are well on your way, beloved souls. You are well on your way and the awakening continues, so subtle with each day, yet so powerful and the momentum builds. You will become those channels and instruments of Love that you so desire to be. You will overcome those conditions that have long been with you and been with many generations. You will break the chain, beloveds, and you will bring a new way, a great hope to humanity. We will do all that we can, all that we are able, to assist you in this great effort to break the chains of error and darkness in your world. You do this not only for yourself, but for all humanity and all humanity to come. It is time in your world to bring the changes that are necessary to neutralize those conditions in the world that continue to worsen and darken and bring greater pain not only to humanity but to all creation in your world. It is time for this to stop and for a new way of being in the world to unfold in accordance to God’s Plan for the salvation of mankind, for the salvation of this world. You are a part of it, beloved souls, you are a part of a wondrous Plan and effort to bring greater joy to humanity, deep wisdom and Love. May you find your way, beloveds. May you find your way. God bless you. I am Luke. My love is with you. God bless you.