Messages 2018

Will You Choose to Begin the Journey of Soul Awakening?

February 17th, 2018

Hollis Woods Community Church, Queens, New York, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.


I am Thomas Aquinas and I am a member of the Celestial Kingdom. My soul has been transformed by the Father’s Love. I now reside in that beautiful place filled with love and joy. I have come to tell you, beloved souls, how God desires to touch every soul ever created with His Love, with the touch of His Love to bring about the deep healing of the soul, to bring about the potentials of the soul to come forth and be expressed in this world that is so in need, so in need of Love.

Never before has humanity brought such darkness to this beautiful planet. Your world is overwhelmed, my beloveds, by these conditions. Yet the relentless approach of mankind upon this world continues to bring disharmony in the natural order and a lack of love amongst mankind. So we come to these little circles of Light to encourage you, beloved souls, to seek God, to seek harmony within yourselves, for how can the world change if each individual makes no effort to change, to bring greater harmony within themselves? It is the power of God’s Touch that ignites this flame within, beginning a journey of awakening of the soul.

So I would encourage you, my beloveds, to continue in your prayers to God to receive His Love, to know His Blessing deep within that changes everything. Do this not just for yourselves, do this for humanity for the world needs to change. The world needs lights, those who understand the power of Love, the power of Love that will transform the world and bring it to Light. This is not some idealistic concept, beloved souls. This is the Truth that the greatest power of all is Love and the greatest Love of all comes from God. So I beseech you to explore the realms of God’s Love, both within you and within God to bring within yourselves greater awakening, to create an intense awareness of your own true selves and your relationship with your Creator. It starts with a simple prayer, a wondering, a desire to know, a seeking for Truth.

As you step upon that path so much is revealed to you, my beloved souls. So much can come to your awareness and all is cloaked in Love and peace and beauty. As your souls begin to awaken, so what is within you begins to emerge and touch others that that Light, that flame may influence those around you, inspire them to go to God and that the flames of their souls may be ignited in this, one soul to another, one prayer to God. Great efforts begin in these simple ways bringing change to the world that sits on the precipice of chaos. This world cannot continue to be as it is for what humanity does creates such stress and strain upon this world, upon God’s glorious Creation. This cannot be a thing that continues forever, for in God’s Creation there are responses and reactions that come with this imbalance.

So I urge you, beloved souls, to awaken in your awarenesses, to pile the coals of Love together into this flame, to know that change must happen not only within but without and to seek for God to guide you thus that you may be an instrument for change in this world, that you may give of yourself in Love to your brothers and sisters, that you may walk upon the path of Love and carry others with you in Love. For if you do not heed the call, who will, who will make the change, who will dedicate themselves to bring healing to humanity as a channel of Love and an instrument of God’s Will? There are many who have the desire to seek change but few who truly know how this may be enacted.  For God has a Plan for the salvation of mankind. God will carry all those who desire the Light and who are strong enough to enact the changes required.

Be strong, beloved souls. Seek Light, seek to be a flame of Love and all else will follow. As the conditions of this world deteriorate, the conditions of your soul will accelerate and you will see your way through and you may contribute to the changes that are to happen in this world and bring about greater harmony for all. It starts with a simple prayer and in this prayer begins a magnificent journey of soul awakening. It is the change of the consciousness of humanity that will bring the wisdom required to live in this world harmoniously, respecting the laws of Creation, loving all that is created and here as a gift to you as well. This can only be if you allow yourselves to be in the Light, that you strive to increase your awareness of Love, that the wisdom that God has to give to humanity is freely given to all who are receptive. But first you must have the faculties of the soul, the awareness and awakening of the soul in order to receive what God has to give. This is not an easy task but one that is worthwhile and greatly blessed. 

Would you live a life of mediocrity, my beloveds, or do you wish a life that is filled with the experience of knowing God, truly knowing yourselves, and experiencing Light in all its magnificence? God gives you the choices, beloved souls. He does not insist upon anything. He merely offers but you open yourselves to the gifts that He has to give, that you desire this and that you are aligned with this Light. It is for you to decide, as it is for every soul. May you continue to seek for the Highest, to love with all your heart and soul, to continue to grow in God’s Love and to hear the guidance that God has to give with each day as He continues to bless you so you will continue to awaken, that your souls may flourish in Love.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Thomas Aquinas and I am happy to speak to you this day. I wish for you to know even though this room has a very modest circle, there are many hundreds of spirits with you and many blessings are forthcoming from your discussions and your prayers. And many blessings are reaching out into the world for when a group of sincere souls come together creating a circle of Light, God utilizes those souls to bring blessings to others, touching their souls. May you continue to pray together, beloveds, and work together and seek to bring much needed change to this world as you listen to God’s Will in your life. God bless you. May His Love continue to touch your souls evermore deeply infusing every chamber of your soul, releasing all conditions that are not of Love. God bless you. God bless you.