Messages 2018

Will You Respond to God’s Call?

March 3rd, 2018

Homosassa Springs, FL, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.


I was once an inhabitant of Egypt many thousands of years past and now I reside in the Celestial Kingdom. My soul has been transformed by the Father’s Love. I am now a Celestial Angel. We come to Earth to encourage others to follow this road to becoming an inhabitant of the Kingdom of God, with their souls resplendent in Divine Love.

Each of you has many gifts, beloved souls, with the untapped potentials and possibilities within. The power of God’s Love will awaken the soul and bring you to the realization of these gifts and all the potentials of the soul and the mind in harmony with Love. So it is for you in your prayers to seek the blessing of this Love in all its power and simplicity, its beauty and grace. For God desires to touch each one of you with this blessing and it is merely the effort that you are required to make in prayer to dig deep within you to know this desire that resides in your soul and to express this desire to God. This is not difficult, it merely requires time and focus and faith so that you may know the aspirations of your soul, come to know the power and beauty of your soul, as God awakens your soul step by step, prayer by prayer. As knowings emerge, possibilities are realized and Loves flows and flows, endlessly.

This is not a doctrine, beloved souls, it is a Truth. It is a part of God’s Creation and it is available to any soul who so seeks it. No matter their station in life, their experiences in life, the condition of their soul, it matters not. For God Loves every soul and His Love is endless, deeper than any ocean, vaster than the Universe. His Love, His Love is for each one of you.

Quench the thirst of your soul beloveds. Seek this blessing. Come to know that part of yourself that yearns to be acknowledged and expressed. In this room God has blessed you with a portal of Light and in this portal, this connection between this Earth plane and the Heavens, many blessings are pouring down upon you, angels are present with you, Love is intense and easily accessed in this condition. So, I urge you my beloved souls to open yourself wide. Feel that place within you, deep within you, that yearns for God, yearns for Love, yearns to come awake and be realized in all its beauty.

May you be richly blessed beloved souls. May you put your steps upon that path of Love that will eventually take you to at-onement with God. God has drawn you together. He knows the desires of your soul. As you look back upon your life, do you see how God has guided you, continues to guide you, continues to put forth at your feet many opportunities to grow and to learn, to open and to acknowledge your souls?

Do not ignore these aspects of your being, these beautiful treasures that lie within you. Come to know who you truly are. How beautiful you are. The unique treasure that God has created in the world that is you and know how deeply you are loved. Feel that Love. Express that Love in the world. Be a channel of Love in the world.

For you are all aware of how deeply the world needs to be loved. All the souls so lost, confused and misdirected, they need your love. You bring a Light with your love, a Light that will help to dispel the darkness and bring a greater Truth to this world. God needs every soul who is willing to bring their Light, their love and their Truth into the world. Not to hide it away, to keep it from others, but to be strong and yet guided, truthful and loving to your brothers and sisters.

In this way, coupled with humility and faith, God will use you as a channel of Love. The rewards will be great, beloved souls. The opportunities many. The possibilities unimaginable at this time what will come, as God brings the cleansing Light to your world, shifting the conditions, opening up opportunities, bringing deep change to humanity. Thus, He requires many souls who are willing to help usher these changes forth bringing Truth and Love, showing the way to a world that is more in harmony, whose currency is Love, not greed or fear but Love.

In your minds you cannot see this as a possibility. For each of you have seen how the world is, knowing the conditions that are so powerful and dark. Yet your souls respond to this message and know it to be true. And so, it is your souls that you must listen to. Cultivate an understanding of those aspects of your soul that will bring these Truths, this strength, this knowing, this Love, forth in you. This will be your guiding Light. This will show the path that God intends for each one of you.

I know this is challenging, often difficult. It sets you apart and yet it must be. For whether you are willing to walk upon this path or not, that which God has deemed to take place in this world will be, regardless. So, each soul has a choice, to be strengthened in Light, to follow the Truth of their souls, to be close to God or to continue in the human condition which in time will be neutralized by Love. Those who cannot withstand the power of Love, the way of Love, will perish from this world and find themselves in the world of spirit.

This cleansing will bring a new era of Light and peace in this world - a new beginning. As I have said, God needs those who are willing, who are strong enough, who can withstand the tumult that will come and will be able to bring about the changes that are necessary.

So, I urge you beloved souls, be strong in the Light, seek for the highest, acknowledge the power of Love and express this in your lives, and God will surely guide you beyond the dim understandings of your mind to the clarity and magnificence of the perceptions of your soul. May you realize all these potentials. May you come to be that individual that God has created in all its magnificence and Light. May you be a channel of Love for God.

This is my message to you, beloved souls. At this time you are surrounded by angels. God’s Touch is upon you. He has graced you with this magnificent portal of Light that brings about a bond of Love between you that may be used in the future to support you in these changing times. You are loved. God has a deep care and desire for your upliftment. May you listen and respond and grow in Light. Choices each day, each moment. All is available to you my beloved souls, so much. May you be open and respond to God’s Call.

I give you my blessings and my love and I thank you for listening to me. For these are indeed serious times and we are making great efforts to reach humanity, to help usher in this change for the good and harmony of this world. So, I wish love for you beloved souls, peace in your lives, joy in your heart, wisdom of your souls. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem. God bless you.