Messages 2019

Align your Body, Mind, and Soul Allowing your Soul to Drive your Vehicle

December 2nd, 2019

Waianae, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Maureen Cardoso

I am here, Matthew. When you see the light of another and that which emanates around them, this is the essence of their soul making its way through the fleshy body into the spirit body so that you may see the radiance of who they are inside. It is the light of their soul that you recognise. When the light of the soul is free of condition, free of that which encrusts and inhibits the light shining freely, what you see is undeniable. You are attracted to this light for you recognise that there is something within that individual that draws you.

What it is drawing is your soul. So it is your soul that is drawn to the soul of another. When this light is pure, it draws many for there are many in your world who walk with wounds and heavy hearts and heavy thinking. As you continue to bring this great light to your soul, you will have many souls recognise the illumination of your soul and the brightness of your being.

In this way, you will draw many to you. For some, especially those who do not necessarily enjoy being the center of attraction or having so much attention put upon them, this may be tiresome in the beginning of your journey of greater light. Though, beloveds, I ask you to prepare yourselves. Prepare yourselves for such for as your lights continue to expand and brighten, you will have individuals recognise your light and simply want to be in your company and near you.

So your care, your self-care, for those who may feel being in crowds is somewhat overwhelming, your self-care is vital to your ability to do this work that is before you. God will continue to provide you space and time for respite and a time to be replenished with times quiet, thoughtful spaces. So as you walk forward on this journey, it is important to hold within your minds the importance of what is ahead and your self-care. Give yourself the time that you require to be nurtured. For if your tank is not filled, you have nothing to give. You cannot give on something that is empty.

As you honour your well-being, you show others the importance of honouring their well-being. This is an important teaching for you as a soul have this vehicle of a human body carrying your soul through on its journey here on this Earth. You have a material mind so if the energies of your body and the energies of your mind are not properly managed, you will feel overwhelmed. You will have more difficulty carrying through this work than if recognise that you physical form, body and mind, require the nurturance, care and attention.

These teachings of Divine Love are certainly for the soul. We do not provide deep teachings of the body and mind for there are many teachings on your Earth that support the well-being of your body and your mind. Do not negate these elements of you for without a strong, healthy body and a clear mind, your soul does not have the vehicle that God has gifted to fulfill its purpose. So your body, your mind, and your soul, nurture this trinity. Recognise here on Earth your physical form is also important in order to carry out your soul’s mission.

Hold yourself with reverence for this beautiful creation that God has provided. Discover the importance of your physicality. Discover how to discipline the energy of your mind to recognise when you are off in negative thought form and to bring yourself back in positive light. For it is one thing to pray for Divine Love and have the Light of your soul shine, but if you do not have a mind that is clear and supports the mission of your soul, harmony will not exist.

So learning how to bring your mind into a meditative state of calm and peace is vital to being able to hear the whispers of your soul for your soul bubbles up its wisdom and truth in subtle ways into your conscious mind. If you are in a negative thought form and constantly busy, it makes it very challenging to hear the guidance of your soul. Allow your mind to be curious about what your soul knows rather than being certain about what it (the mind) knows. Allow your mind to fall in rest into the heart of your soul. Let your soul cradle your mind and comfort your mind when it is in doubt, when it lacks trust, when there is confusion. Give your soul the opportunity to show your mind its love, for your soul adores your body and your mind.

It is an important element of moving forward and being able to hear the wisdom of your soul in its awakening. It will happen but it does require you to choose it to happen. God will awaken your souls, beloveds, with His Love but you are the conductor of your body and mind. It is of your own free will that you may choose to come into alignment with body, mind and soul allowing your soul to be the driver of your vehicle.

I thank you for listening to my words. I hope I can bring some form of inspiration and insight into bringing great harmony with these three aspects of who you are and the gifts that you use to conduct yourselves here on Earth. I am Matthew. God bless you, beloved souls.