Messages 2019

Allow our Hearts to Open, Listen with our Souls

November 10th, 2019

Fitzroy Falls, N.S.W, Australia

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I’m drawn to this Circle of Light. As we experienced many times in Findhorn, where I was the spiritual founder, my path was to hear a small still voice that I believed was the Voice of God that instructed me. From these beautiful instructions was created a dynamic spiritual and ecological community in the upper reaches of coastal Scotland.

This path was quite simple. It did not require a lot of intellectualization, whether or not there were people doing this on other planets, in other universes, but quite simply, to be humble enough to open and listen. I allowed the longings of my soul to reach God and thus I was guided, as were many.

So I come here to share with you that and to acknowledge so many beautiful souls here. Many following the path of the mind and yet drawn by the longings in their souls, to be transformed, to be Love, to become Love, to be a blessing of Light and Love in this world. Is this not what you wish, my friends?

So when we allow our hearts to open and we listen with our souls, what comes to us in Love outshines the mind and blesses all. May you all become and be the Gift of Love, anointed with this Glorious Gift, living in Light and Love. Surely, the world as you know, needs you, needs your gift, needs your love.

I was drawn to this Circle of Light, as were many from the Celestial Kingdom. We wish a blessing upon each and every one here, a healing, and above all, the inflowing of the Creator’s Love. My love and blessings to all and may God bless you all on this journey. We are with you. I love you. I am Eileen Caddy.