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Are Urantia Book Followers Listening to Their Souls?

December 4th, 2019

Waianae, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike

Question: Is more of a clarification, a request for a clarification of a recent message that you shared with us, essentially that Urantia followers are just labelling part of the soul as a Father-fragment or perhaps a thought-adjuster. Is that the Holy Spirit? We’re asking, are Urantia Book followers talking to and listening to their soul? (This question was not asked by G.C. so it has been edited with some difficulty to reflect how Urantia Book followers might raise the question.)

This seems to be two questions. Yes, Urantia followers are, to some degree, listening to theirs souls although they have a great predilection for mindful delineations and ideas of how the mechanics of the Universe operate. There are very obliging spirits who will give them much information. But that information is again biased by the minds of those who ask and the minds of those who are channels for this particular information.

Yes, there is some truth given but there is also error. This is the way of your world. It is rudimentary. The conditions of this world are rudimentary, beloved souls. So to try and bring forth complex matters through the minds of those individual instruments who are all too eager to be a channel for these Truths, when they are not capable of bringing the Truth clearly through. I do not say this as a criticism. It is merely a fact that they have not the soul development to be able to bring clear Truth to humanity. Instead they bring intellectualizations, where they have a great desire to parse each element out to examine that element as a scientist would and to put it back together, hopefully that the machinery that they have created by this assembling and reassembling of these ideas is workable. For some, it is. But I tell you it is a creation of their own minds and not a true and clear reflection of the Truth.

There are some elements of what they speak of and express that are indeed a rudimentary understanding of Truth. But I say to you, there is so much more that can be understood and expressed when a soul is awakened and has the soul perceptions, for no Truth, real Truth can be perceived without the soul awakened to God’s Love. In this awakening, they may indeed bring forth true and deep Truth.

So I am perplexed why one would follow these teachings brought about by the mind, brought about by many different instruments who are following many different spirits who are very eager to extrapolate and interpolate their ideas upon the minds of those instruments. Then, because this information is clear and complex, that because of this, the mind is satisfied that this is truth. Beloved souls, Truth does not come in this way.

There is an element of Truth that may be brought forth with intellectual understanding. Your scientists are greatly engaged in dissecting the elements of the Universe and utilising this knowledge for the benefit and advantage of humanity. Yet these individuals are not of a particularly high spiritual evolution or progression. Yet they are able to see these elements clearly and create various outcomes from this clear understanding but this is not a spiritual pursuit. This is a pursuit of the physical world.

You cannot use the same mechanisms of the physical world in order to truly understand the spiritual world. It takes or requires other faculties and perceptions in order to do so. Though they are satisfied with their understanding and they may be able to utilize their truths, as they call them, to help structure their life in this world and also in the next, to some degree, it is limiting. It will continue to limit the mind and direct the mind in a certain direction which is not altogether a force or flow towards the Creator. It is more a flow or force towards the human condition and that which humanity has created in the world.

So I say to you that what was spoken at another time, is true. If the mind of the individual who reads the answer from that time, rejects it, it is of no consequence, beloved souls. They will find the Truth in time. There is no need to convince another. There is no need to say to another, “You are incorrect and I am correct.” This is not the way of God. God accepts and embraces all and allows the individual upon their individual path. They will come to God in time. Whether they come to God with a path that is so complex in thought and understanding of physical and material ways or whether the individual comes to God with faith and a simple understanding, they both will arrive at that place. But as I have said, the one who comes with faith directly to God will, indeed, come more quickly, sidestepping the zigzag of the thought and contemplations of the mind.

Instead have great faith in the soul and the capacity of the soul to understand and to truly be with God. This is our teaching. This is what we show to you day in and day out. Be with God with your soul expressed, awakened in harmony, in love. These things are far more important than the intellectual understandings of mechanisms and ways of interpreting the world. But each soul is given free will and the choice to follow whatever path they choose, knowing that in time, they will come to God. They will find their way whether it be in the great harmony of the Natural Love and the mind perfected and awakened or that of the soul in God’s Love in at-onement with God. The choice has always been given and shall always be given, my friends. You, beloved and beautiful souls, know of the way of God’s Love. You are blessed with this knowledge and share it with many.

God bless you. Now, I think we will close this session, beloved souls, for it is difficult to maintain this rapport, as this instrument has told you. But I am very happy with what has come, very happy with our session today. I will come again another day and be with you and hopefully answer some questions that you may have in regards to your spiritual progress, in regards to the awakening of your soul, in regards to God’s great blessing upon you and what may come of this. May God bless you all, beloved souls, I am Josephus and I am glad to have come and to have shared this time together. Bless you all. My love is with you. God bless you.