Messages 2019

Q&A: Awakening Through the Father’s Love Allows You to Access Truth Yourself

July 9th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Beloved souls, I am Josephus. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. I have come to work with this group and hope to bring forth information and guidance that will assist you all in your journey of love and soul awakening. I will entertain questions from you, beloved souls. I know there is one here who is very fond of asking questions. So we wish to facilitate his desire to do so and for those of you who have pertinent questions regarding soul awakening and understanding.

It is not our wish to go into many details regarding this subject, rather it is our intention to encourage and inspire you towards your own soul understandings of Truth. As you receive more of the Father’s love, so you are more easily and readily able to access your own Truth and information from God. We do not wish to create a dependency upon you all to go to us who have experienced many more things upon this journey and have much understanding. Yet it is also helpful to assist you and inspire you forward with the intention of showing you, beloved souls, what may come of an awakened soul.

First and foremost, it is the soul’s longings for God’s Love that sets the foundation for all of this understanding and teaching. You cannot take the words that I speak or any other angel that brings forth information as a reflection of Truth unless you exercise the capacities of your soul to understand the words that are spoken in a deeper way. The words are merely pointing towards the Truth. Yet the Truth is understood by your soul and known there. The inclination of the soul is to bring these Truths forward to your mind so that all of you may understand in a way that empowers you upon your journey of soul awakening and your journey to God.

This may sound different from the approaches that those that are very mindful may take, for they believe that it is only the mind that may understand. It is the instrument of understanding, and words are the ways in which these understandings may be communicated. But I say to you, my beloved friends, the mind is a very poor instrument to understand truth. The mind shifts and is malleable and influenced in many ways. So that truth itself becomes elusive and true understanding is not possible.

In many regards, the mindful understandings of mortals merely serves to create the illusions of truth rather than coming to that place where Truth stands alone in Light, in relationship to the Creator. This you must come to recognize, beloved souls, that whatever is spoken here in this time together is merely an indication of deeper understandings to come and that it is your responsibility to exercise your God given gifts to seek deeper and to understand more fully what is given to you in these messages.

When that understanding comes, when the realization is present within you and there is joy in this understanding and awakening, then you must apply these Truths to your daily life. Or what good is knowledge without the application of it, to bring it forward in ways that bring greater harmony and love and light to yourself, to that which is all around you within your life and to this world. For Light is the expression of Truth. Light is the exercise of truth. For when Truth is exercised, Light is created and Light becomes your companion. It is infused in every part of you, every cell of your being, every aspect of yourself.

This builds. This is the foundation which we seek to encourage you to build. But Truth is not easily obtained in your world. As I’ve said, it is often illusive. But I tell you my friends, when you find Truth, you will know it in every part of you. It will resonate and reverberate in every part of you and it will bring joy. For Light brings joy. Light brings awakening and awakening comes with Love, Love is the highest of all Light, the greatest of all Truths.

Once that cornerstone has been laid, then many more pieces may be added. But first, you must be grounded in Love and understand the power of Love, the Truth of Love, the Light of Love, then all else comes more readily. For in this way you open the doors of true understanding that is within you. You make possible this interconnectivity of sole awareness, of mindful understanding, of even the interactions of your physical nature and your spiritual nature.

This may sounds complex, but truly it is not. For it is Love that is the connecting material. It unifies all within you. It is the nurturing of Love, the building of Love within you that brings this harmony, this coming together of all that is within you, to make a powerful expression of your being. One that is not weakened by illusions. One that is not subject to the intransigence of the human condition. One that is not readily fooled by the propositions of others who claim to have the truth. A deep wisdom is obtained with the power of Love that unifies your soul with all that you are and integrates the power of your soul and the capacities of your soul with everything that you are. This wisdom is Truth and this Truth is wisdom.

So your struggles to understand, to know, to be a Channel of Truth and Love is healed by the power of Love. Seek this Love from God, which is of the highest, the brightest of Lights, the deepest of Truths, and the greatest of wisdom. It is the key to all. It is what you seek within your souls. You will find your way. That foundation will be strong and will not crumble for all eternity, my friends, but be built upon again and again. As the capacities and faculties of your soul are able to absorb more Truth and able to understand in ways that may be foreign to you now, but are indeed within you.

May God bless you upon that journey. I am very happy to be with you, my friends. I am Josephus and I will come again to speak and to answer your questions, my friends. God bless you. God bless you.