Messages 2019

Be Beholden to No One Except God

November 11th, 2019

Received by Jimbeau Walsh.

Fitzroy Falls, NSW, Australia

I love this home. I love this Portal.1 I wish to convey something very simple to you all. Be beholden to no one except God. I can tell you this works. You can see in my life what was accomplished. I would say to you, each of you that when you follow your path in God’s Love, there is a great freedom, a great joy. This is why there will be many groups, many channels and different souls will be drawn to different ones. But eh, isn’t the message the same? Open to God’s Love. This is the deep longing in every soul. Those who are in their minds, they can go only so far, but you know they too are drawn to the Love. It is not their minds that is drawn to the Love, but the longings in their souls, however hidden, however buried.

I would encourage you to have your own groups on your own terms that you may feel the freedom and not be beholden to someone else’s rules. Not that these are bad things, but it gives you a wonderful freedom to express the Love in your souls with others. It is our great wish that these circles will expand and grow. As you have been told, there are many, many, many of us at your beck and call. It is our delight. I feel here at home with friends, though my home is high in Celestial Kingdom. This wonderful Portal can be created with God’s help around the world. You are a beautiful team. You are a Lattice of Light. You are friends in soul and in God’s Love and we are with you.

My love and blessings to all of you, my dear friends. I love you. I am Eileen.

Note 1 There are several homes where regular prayers are said for Divine Love that have established energy portals. Many of these are quite powerful and can be sensed by individuals. We have been told the portals reach all the way through the Spirit Spheres to the Kingdom of God.