Messages 2019

Be Patient as the Divine Love Grows in Your Soul

January 20th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

It is Seretta Kem. Yes, we continue to expand our efforts and prayers upon this project of Direct Voice, to bring this gift forward. These seeds have been planted within each one of you and continue to grow. Though you may not feel any overt indications of this, they are indeed growing. We continue to work with each one of you. We continue to monitor your progress, the progress of your souls, the progress of your expressions in life to bring these things to a higher level that you may indeed be in greater at-onement with God as you continue to receive this great gift of Love.

Each of you continues upon your daily tasks and efforts, prayers, service and contemplations, allowing the subtle changes within your soul to be expressed outwards into your lives. You are making efforts to discipline your minds so that positive thoughts and inclinations may be the primary motivations of your life. Yes slowly, ever slowly, you continue to grow. This gift continues to take shape with the possibilities of bringing truth to mankind and expands with your efforts and commitment.

We have not abandoned you in this effort. We do however desire and require that you will grow in the Father’s Love, that you will release all conditions that are not in harmony with this, that you will walk in light, seek for the highest and not allow the conditions in this world of yours to entrap you in darkness, to burden you and to keep you from God. This rather tedious process slowly, slowly continues to make changes within you, uplifting, healing, bringing God closer and in greater harmony. It does indeed manifest in your being, in greater Lights and greater Love.

We walk with you each day. We hold your hand in our efforts to guide and influence, to teach, to bless and serve you, beloved souls. Do you not see how God opens up many doors for you, awakens the potentials of your soul, bringing the possibilities of the manifestation of your gifts forward into the light of day?

You will find yourself in greater Light as time progresses. You will find many opportunities opening and at times this will seem miraculous and most unexpected. Beloved souls, you continue to walk with God, to seek His guidance, to be in the flow of His Will. With each day, you sharpen your abilities to know and hear, to express and to understand the Will of God. You will find yourself in situations and circumstances that are unexpected and unusual. Yet this all complies with and is a part of God’s plan.

It is now a step by step process of growth, healing, awakening, understanding and knowing God’s Love in such a way that you do not doubt yourselves. In this way you see your brothers and sisters in a different light and you understand the process of life as being an awakening of great potential. Indeed the seeds that are planted are now are awakening and unfolding in the Light of God’s Love.

Yes with your small changes each day, the growth is subtle but it is persistent. The awakening is not so intense and dramatic. It is a little shift, a small step, something that comes to your mind that helps you to see a little differently, to know from a deeper place, to love with the power and forcefulness that is not influenced by the darkness and negativity of this world.

These things come and you feel the difference in time, in retrospect, taking note of changes in perception and flow and feeling. This is the power of God’s Love within you, beloveds. It is a powerful force in your life and will continue to awaken many things - many things within you. Allow this to be. Walk with patience and persistence, faith and love and these things that I speak of will become more evident, will deepen and become richer and greater in measure. You will know such a profound joy, my beloved friends, and you will know each step is blessed by God and falls in the Grace of His Love. It comes. It awakens such tenderness of your soul and it will expand and encase and awaken every part of you in Light.

You are truly God’s children, claimed in Love. Each day is a blessing and a gift, each day is an opportunity to grow, to learn and to be a channel of love. This awareness is a gift. This understanding brings to you great strength and clarity. As you grow in Love, so everything you touch will be blessed in love. This must be and it is unfolding in your life. We continue upon this great journey together and we see the progress. It shall quicken as the Love grows within your souls and gifts shall arise, emerging from the living waters of God’s Love within your soul and manifest in all its beauty and wonderment. You will see, my beloveds, you will see what God has brought to this world by creating each one of you, precious souls. You will rejoice in your own awareness and understanding of yourselves and your relationship with God. It comes, beloved souls, with waves of Love pouring into you, awakening the wonderment.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. I am with you on your journey. I am with you each and every day as you tread upon your path of love seeking greater truth and the awakening of your soul. May you know God with such intensity and clarity that joy will be your daily lot and love will be the signature of everything that you are and do in your lives. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you and keep you.