Messages 2019

Be Vulnerable with God to Heal the Wounds of the Soul

August 1st, 2019

F.U.S.C. Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

Beloved souls, I am here, it is Lotus Blossom. I join you in your circle as you open yourselves to the Blessing of Divine Love; opening yourself to receive this most gracious, loving and healing Essence of God into your souls, this energy that heals all. For when one desires to heal at the level of their soul, the healing is deep and the healing is constant. The healing repairs the wound that has been experienced through your life’s experiences.

It requires your vulnerability, to go into these places that you have protected. Those places that are raw and that are painful to look at. Yet beloveds, when you allow this healing energy of Divine Love from your beloved Creator to begin to heal this wound, great relief comes. A sense of well-being is felt and you walk more deeply as a whole individual in this Love that has cured and lifted this wound from your soul. This Love then finds its home forever in your soul, establishing a great light within that place, that chamber of your soul. And as you receive this Love, this Love will gently bring forward these wounds that are ready to be healed, one by one. And the experience of joy, of greater freedom will be yours.

You will be able to recognize the change that is occurring within you, by this healing. It is a deep soulful healing that is available to you. And every soul needs healing. For every soul has lived a life here on Earth that is full of the human condition that is not in harmony with love. The actions of another have created wounds in you. As you begin to receive this Love and you desire to turn to God with an open heart and an open soul and longing for this Love, great strength will come to you as you heal. Your life will come into harmony. The experience of self will feel pure and you’ll recognize yourself as the wholeness of who you are, the beauty that you are and the gem that God has created. You will be able to see yourself with the eyes of love and speak loving words to yourself and to others and have thoughts of love toward yourself and toward others. This is what you all desire. Every soul longs to be an expression of love and every soul on Earth and some in spirit still struggle in this way. But I am here to let you know, there is a pure remedy, a healing balm that is available. You only need to ask to receive and to open yourself like a blossoming flower, allowing the Love of God to shine down, feeding your soul, nourishing your essence so that each petal of the flowering blossom that is you, may awaken.

It is a most beautiful journey, this one of the Path Divine. It does not require you to push and to make a strong physical effort. No, all will come to you. All the wisdom, knowledge, truths, all gifts will awaken merely by sitting with your beloved Creator, opening your heart, opening your soul to receive this Blessing of Love that awaits your desire.

Beloved souls nourish yourselves daily with this most beautiful Gift of Love and watch your healing unfold. Your life will be full of grace, attracting many beautiful things to you, for, your light will shine brightly and all good will be attracted to your light. Receive this blessing beloveds, receive this blessing of Love.

God bless you beloved souls, as you sit to receive this great Essence of Love. I am Lotus Blossom and my love is with you all. God bless you.