Messages 2019

Become the Gardeners of your Souls

November 17th, 2019

Received by Jimbeau Walsh.

Ancient Gardens, Eudlo, QLD, Australia

It is Francis, yes, Francis who spent time in the hills above Assisi with my friends. I couldn’t help but come and walk the gardens yesterday with the brothers and the wonderful sister. I wish to say to the gardener, this is a wonderful creation, a co-creation with nature. It is quite obvious this did not happen by itself, but with vision and focus and determination, so this beautiful landscape appears. As one brother said, it is a wonder of the world and indeed, in your world, it is a wonder.

The time and the energy that has been put into creating this sanctuary in nature, this place of refuge, I ask, consider now creating this place of spiritual sanctuary, a refuge for the souls. As the rain comes down and nourishes the land, the flora and fauna, allow the showering of the Creator’s Love to come into this place of Light and nourish your souls. Everything has led up to this in your lives.

Become the gardeners of your souls so that they may blossom and the fragrance of the Love, like a rose, like a lotus, will permeate this atmosphere for all to feel, and for all to heal. For every longing soul, provide this. The reward will be beyond what you can imagine for it is a Celestial reward. I wish to thank, on behalf of all of us here, the hosts who have offered their place to be a place of prayer and sanctuary. I encourage them to continue this effort and invite all that they can possibly accommodate. I see that it is their heart’s desire to serve others in this way. This, of course, would be their choice. Should you choose, you will have much help, much guidance. We will come and be with you in prayer, in sanctuary, in refuge.

May God’s Love permeate this place and in each of your souls, blossom. Become the gardeners of your souls, my dear friends. May the Creator bless this place and all who come. We shall protect you. I am your friend and brother in the Celestial Heavens, Francis. May God bless you.