Messages 2019

Bless the Children in God’s Love

September 1st, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Mary. I come today with my son for I too am a follower, as is Joseph. I come with a mother’s love and also with God’s Love. My band and I, we nurture the prayers of those who are open to us, but we also protect them.

Joseph and I, we had eight children,1 Joseph the natural father of all of them. We became a holy family, followers of our eldest, Jesus. But truly, we are all children of the Father, our heavenly Father. My son brought the message of the transformation of the soul in God’s Love, as he was the first to receive this transformation. But he did not and does not wish to be set apart and worshipped. His wish is that all become transformed in God’s Love, the soul transformed from the mere image to the very substance of our loving Creator, all of us one in God’s Love and yet, each soul unique.

I speak also to the mothers here, that our charge is to nurture and protect. When you pray and you open up your heart and your soul to God’s Love, this Light reaches your children and this is all that is necessary. All else is, as they say, icing on the cake. So remember, this Love is the leaven in the bread to make it rise up above this world to touch on Heaven’s door.

We come when you call. You wonder: “How can this be? Mary and Joseph, Jesus and the other angels: Confucius, Augustine, Seretta Kem, so many!” But as Joseph said, you are precious cargo, so you draw us near and we come close. I come with a mother’s love and God’s Love and I wish to offer this blessing to each of you.

Let your worries drift away, your concerns, your doubts and your hurts. Where you have held anger, allow your heart to forgive. This blesses you as much as the one you forgive, allows your soul to open up to Divine Love, allows a healing. I embrace you, as Mother Mary. Joseph embraces you. Jesus embraces you as he did with the blessing.

May the Love of the Father touch each one of you and stay with you on your journey. Have no doubt, we will protect you. We love you so. Stay in the Light and the Love, this gift from above. My love and blessings and embrace to all of you. May God bless you. I am Mother Mary.

Note 1. Judas names all the children in this message, and they are : Jesus, James, Simon, Judah , Joses, Thomas, Rachel and Lea. Eight in all. That means Jesus had seven brothers and sisters.