Messages 2019

Come together as a community

December 18th, 2019

Received by Jimbeau Walsh.

Punaluu , Hawaii, U.S.A

I am here Nicodemus.

I wish to address those concerns about the future. I know you have been privy to information from the Celestial realms where I abide and which comes from the Master and others about the coming events on earth. These are earth changes and the request is for you to create sanctuary, places of refuge so as to embrace the many, the diversity, all in God’s love. We have asked you these things that you may go into prayer and be guided in the moment so that you would become accustomed to ongoing guidance through whatever changes occur. And you have been told a certain amount of chaos, turmoil, eruption and displacement is on the horizon. I come to you in the hope that you ask for clarity in the light of God’s love. That you will come together as a community so that you will have strength in numbers, strength in prayer, strength in truth and protection. Now is the time.

As we come through Winter and into Spring in the northern hemisphere be mindful of your garden internally and externally. In the southern hemisphere as we come into summer be wise, prepare, the harvest will be at hand and you will surely reap what has been sown, internally and externally. It is said “prepare for the worst and hope for the best”. There is some wisdom in that but there is even more wisdom in being in the flow of God’s love, of being in the guidance. Yes, prepare externally, this has been requested, but also you must prepare internally that there may be harmony between your inner and outer worlds, that there will be a flow.

You may be required to leave your dwelling places due to the changes. This of course will be your choice. We do not interfere with your free will, your free choice but we say to those who are willing to face the changes to present the truths of God’s love to the world; “come together.” This we ask: “Come together in truth”. God’s love outshines every difference whether it be dogmatic, political, mindful. God’s love embraces all. This Oneness, let it be your template as you prepare. And on behalf of all those here I say: “This is the time”.

I wish to say this in the most gentle and loving way but also to stress the urgency. Even though all somehow seems normal on the surface, there is a great rumbling beneath. There is a great wave coming across what may seem to be a calm and pacific ocean. Take heed. Pray for clarity and guidance and above all for God’s love. For the sake of the earth, for the sake of the children, and grandchildren, and great grandchildren and on and on. For the souls of all, for the healing of the planet, for the transformation of every longing soul, pray!

I leave you with my love and blessings and gratitude to this instrument who was quite surprised that I wished to speak as he is alone and in prayer, but he knows there are many in prayer with him so in essence this is for all. May God bless you. May you open up to guidance and know we are with you to offer protection and guidance and love. You are precious to all of us, each one, God bless you.

I am your brother in the Celestial heavens, Nicodemus.