Messages 2019

Create a New Ritual: the Practice of Being Mindful of God During Every Moment

September 9th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I come here to celebrate with you in your beautiful circle of light and love, in this portal extending to the Celestial Heavens. Imagine if you will, travelling at the speed of light, or being able (simply) by your thoughts to be somewhere. This is how we travel here. You think of us, we can be there for you. So how do you apply this to your everyday life? Ah, this is the question.

The dear one was speaking about being in the flow, opening to God’s Love despite whatever keeps you busy. This is a great Truth. This is how people have created rituals as I have spoken before from the days of old, to be mindful of God and Love and Grace, in whatever you are doing. No task too simple or too difficult. Of course rituals, as I have said before, can become very unconscious. They just become mere trappings of the actual intention. I invite you, as you have been doing, to continue to create new rituals, conscious rituals, rituals that allow your soul to awaken, to be in the flow, yes to open to love, yes. If you stay more in your hearts during your days, God can open up your souls.

This is the simple practice. This is what your prayer is for, is it not? This Love you feel, this joy, this letting go of the world and letting God, this is the practice. This is the yoga. This is the meditation of love. I am your friend and brother and I love you. I am Yogananda.