Messages 2019

Do not ignore the Counsel of Your Soul

March 3rd, 2019

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

Beloved souls, I am Keea, Keea-atta Kem and I join you in your time of prayer, in your Circle of Light. Beloved son, what a heart-felt and soul-felt prayer you shared to open this circle. God bless you for speaking from your soul.

My friends, I have been asked to come and share a message with you. For it is I who has been assigned to oversee these Circles of Light that you do through the wires, drawing your souls close to God and recognizing the possibilities of feeling so close to one another even though you are a distance away. Each of you in your respective homes yearning and praying together.

We have been witness to many of you going through times of growing in your soul, experiencing pain within the body and confusion within your mind. These old patterns are so insistent upon continuing. It is wonderful to see each one of you reach out asking for the support from your brothers and sisters, asking that they should pray for your release of pain and suffering. It is important your community can come together and pray for one another.

Now, my beloveds, what I would like to share with you is the importance to include in your prayers as you pray for this person, pray for their courage, pray for their strength to be able to see the truth and the message that this pain and suffering is trying to bring forward. You walk a path of truth and we come to help, teach and guide you on this path of truth.

Under your pain and suffering, these pains in the body and this turmoil of the mind, underneath there is a truth, a truth that you carry in your soul, a part of your soul that desires healing and desires to be released. The soul, body and mind are interconnected. When you pray for your dear friend to have the courage, the courage to see the truth of what is happening within them, this is great counsel. This is a beautiful prayer. Should you be speaking with an individual who is in this pain and suffering, beloveds, because you walk a path of truth, guide this person to the truth of their soul. To recognize the part within them that is calling for their attention and desires to be acknowledged and no longer ignored by habits and insistent ways of your mind that need to direct and control. For it is the soul that can show the way. My dear friends if you are insistent upon ignoring the counsel of your soul and these truths that sit within your soul, your pain and your suffering shall continue.

On the path of truth, one no longer has the freedom to ignore their true essence. I shall say, you do have the free will choice to ignore these messages from the body, but will you heal? Will you heal on the level of soul? You pray for Divine Love and Divine Love is the Essence that can heal everything within you. So when these parts of you are ready to be released from your soul, it is important that you allow your mind to recognize such. Use the kindness of your mind to open up and to receive the truth of what is underneath the pain and the suffering. This takes courage for you all have experienced times when these parts are being released from your soul and the pain, the emotional pain as well as physical pain that can be experienced is deeply uncomfortable.

There is fear within the mind, fear that this pain and this turmoil and this suffering will continue but this is not so. It need not take so long. If you are enduring pain beloveds, your minds are insistent upon this. There is a desire within you to understand this from the mind’s perspective and to deal with this from the mind’s perspective.

You very well know that the soul is different, that which is ready to be released from the soul requires your courage to look at it straight on in truth. Do not try to mask over any parts of darkness that are ready to be released from you. Go deep. God is there and we are there. This is what is required on the path of truth. You long to be deep channels of love and we long for you to be that as well. Yet, if your mind is determined to resist acknowledging the truth, this shall not be. You limit your ability as a channel of love. You inhibit the beautiful light that is your soul from shining forward in unlimited ways.

So I come today with deep love, compassion, empathy, understanding and speak truth to you. You are encouraged to walk the path of your soul, to deepen the communion of your soul with God’s Soul and to courageously allow these things that hold you back to be shown to you. Bring yourself before God and know that you are in His loving and caring arms. For you are His child. It is in this time when you are in the arms of God, deep healing and deep release and wisdom and these truths shall be shown to you.

Do not fear your true selves, my friends. Embrace the truth of who you are, the glory that God has created. You are all well on your way, but today I needed to share with you the importance of seeking the counsel of your soul and the importance of having the courage to rest in that place of pain and allow, allow it to be released. Bring your attention to your soul. You spend time in prayer receiving this love but do you spend time communing with your soul? Do you allow your conscious mind to befriend your soul? Do you allow the language of love to be shared between mind and soul?

I would encourage you to make that a regular practise for this will help to harmonize and bring together these two places within you. Often, soul and mind can feel vastly separate from one another, but they are given to work in harmony together. This requires your discipline. This requires you to make an effort, to create a loving environment within you where there is a resonance and a language of love that exists between these two parts of you. Do not allow your mind to suppress the essence of your soul. Your soul is very gentle and ever patient. As it grows in this love and this light, the voice of your soul will also grow in strength. But if you feel it is not an easy task for you to hear the voice of your soul, use your mind in a most loving way and invite your soul to share its wisdom and its guidance.

You have a most profound counselor within you. Befriend your soul, my beloveds, and may deep healing, great peace and love, unity and harmony all be yours by these efforts that you discipline yourself to take.

I am Keea-atta Kem. You are all very dear to me. My love is with you and I send a healing blessing to each one of you as you sit in prayer receiving the Essence of God’s Love into your souls. God bless you, beloveds. My love is with you. I am Keea.