Messages 2019

Elevate Your Thoughts

September 4th, 2019

Burnaby, B.C. Canada. (FUSC Mediumship class)

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend in the Love of God, Yogananda. I wish to comment on thoughts and not so much on how thoughts become things but how thoughts direct us. When we are in the material mind, we are submerged in an ocean of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions and energies that surround those thoughts. We react to them, many times with equal or even more force in return. This lowers the vibrational field of Light, of Love. In this place of Light and Love, this Portal, it is important to elevate thoughts, to allow them to be informed by your soul’s longing, the Love of God in your soul over and above material concerns.

This is helpful even in your everyday workings in the world, to allow this guidance of the soul to direct you in your dealings with others, in health matters, in creativity and writing or music. For the mind will wander where it will, but the soul will always yearn towards that which is Light and Love. So be lifted up. Allow yourselves to be in the world and not of it and be above the fray.

If I did not feel that this work you do, that we all do was important, I would not come and speak to you nor would all the Celestials who visit. I do not mean in any way to berate you for being human, only to encourage and inspire you. May the Light of God, may the Love of God, may the Grace of God, may the Peace of God be with you all and bless you. My love to all. I am Yogananda.