Messages 2019

It is Important to Establish More Portals and Circles of Light

October 20th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

This is Andrew and I wish to speak about these Portals of Light, these sanctuaries, these places of refuge, those that are already in place and those that are being created around your world. First I wish to acknowledge and confirm with the dear brother in Guernsey that I too come to you when you are in prayer, in the church with my name, as well as Francis and others, to establish ever more firmly that place of Light and healing as was and is intended. We thank you for your efforts we will join you whenever you are there in that beautiful chapel, rest assured.

I say to all wherever you are, if you find a place, whether it be in a church, in a house, outside in nature, or simply a quiet place where you can pray and invite others to join you, those of us in the Celestial Kingdom will come and help you establish a footing that those places may be sanctuaries as God opens up more Portals of Light.

At this time on Earth I cannot stress, or let me say we here cannot stress enough, the importance and the imperative of establishing these Circles of Light, these sanctuaries, these places of refuge for the soul.

As God hears each of your prayers, we too are drawn. We too ask for peace, the peace that passes understanding, the Love that changes every soul from the mortal to the immortal. You, my dear angels in waiting, have more help than you can imagine. We are with you in God’s Love and Light. We thank you for your efforts. Believe me, they will not go unheard and the rewards are beyond my description. We are with you this day and always in Light and Love. May God bless us all. Go in peace. Go in peace. I am Andrew.