Messages 2019

Expiation and Coming into Harmony with God’s Laws

October 5th, 2019

F.U.S.C, Barnaby, B.C., Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

I am Keea-Atta Kem, one of the teachers in the Celestial Heavens, one whose soul has been transformed by the very Essence of the Divine Love. And yes, I am a Celestial being. It is the correct terminology. It is a precious gift for us in the Celestial Realms, and those in spirit, to witness souls who reside on the Earth Plane and who begin the awakening of their soul by the great gift of Divine Love. It is a gift that brings great joy, that brings harmony and peace and the great gift that cleanses the soul. And so your work begins, so to speak, upon the awakening of your soul. And as you continue with this, your sincere prayers to God, the sincerity of your heart’s request and the opening of your soul, this gift of Love transforms you.

There will come a time in your awakening where some of you have had many experiences of expiation and others who are new on this path or perhaps are yet to experience what we call expiation. It is a releasing of a condition that is not in harmony with Love and God’s Laws, because there is a cause and effect happening. You long and yearn for this Love to bless your soul, and as God hears your sincerity, He brings forward by the gift of the Holy Spirit, this great Love into your soul. And so as two things cannot reside in one spot at the same time and the higher gift trumps that of the lower essence, the condition that resides within your soul that is now being replaced by the gift of Divine Love, is lifted up and off. And then in your beautiful soul resides this Love forever more. And with an accumulation of this Love, so goes the continuous cycle of receiving and releasing.

You beloved souls are greatly blessed to know this gift of Divine Love. And what God asks of you, your greatest work, is to awaken your own soul. And as your soul awakens, the precious gifts that God has placed in your soul, so shall too awaken and be used in your life for the greater good of mankind.

There can be a need or a desire where one feels that they need to bring others to this path. And though of course that is an innocent desire and an innocent act, but when you are speaking from your mind to another’s mind, your message falls flat. Yet along your journey of your own progression and soul awakening, these changes that happen within you and around you have a more powerful affect upon another. So it is important that you awaken beloveds. Your work is to awaken yourself. It is not to say that you do not share this great blessing of Divine Love. No, this is not what I’m saying. What I am saying is, as you come to God, you bear your soul and your desires to God and wish to walk the path that is destined for you. Everything shall come to your feet. All those souls who you are meant to touch will come to you. It’s not anything you need to push. Divine Love is about allowing, allowing your soul to be blessed by Love, allowing your soul to express in its grace as it has been transformed and these conditions lift. Your soul’s expression will touch many. The work of your soul will be used by God and you, in your mind, may not even know how you are being used.

So this path is different in the way that it is not about how many souls you can bring to God. It is about bringing your soul to God and aligning your soul with the Soul and the Will of God. And as your soul expands and grows in this Light and this Love, all will come to you and you will be shown what to say, how to touch, how to gaze, and most importantly, simply how to be. For it is in your being, your soul essence, that life exists. And your beingness is a powerful attractor. And souls who are guided by God to come to know this Love will be brought to you. And you will be able to see, with the eyes of your soul, the light that those who are before you carry. And you will be used as a great instrument for God, casting many blessings and bringing forward truth and doing the work of your soul. It is a most rewarding and purposeful existence that you can have on your Earth. My dear and beloved friends, you are all instruments for God, and you are all being asked to awaken and to align, and come to know their beloved Creator.

I thank you for listening to my words, for I feel you are very intent on hearing with the ears of your soul. There is a most gracious and beautiful bright condition that exists. Your souls are illuminated and radiate a beautiful frequency, for they hear this Truth, and they are hearing the call of God, and they desire to align with this Love, an awakened soul.

I am Keea-Atta Kem, one of your Celestial teachers. My love is with you. God bless each and everyone of you. God bless you.