Messages 2019

God’s Law is Progressive

September 11th, 2019

F.U.S.C., Barnaby, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I wish to convey to those in your world that their thoughts of those of us who were somewhat renowned while on Earth, or even after our Earth lives, are inaccurate because we have moved on, we have progressed. Much time has elapsed in your world since our passing over into spirit. So we are somewhat amazed and sometimes disappointed that those who read our words or follow our precepts given out on Earth do not see or cannot feel our progression in spirit, with many of us progressing to the Celestial Heavens. Even some of us who were agnostic when crossing over, defined the reality of spirit to be filled with, in a sense, a hard truth, the realities of spirit world and progression.

So those of us who are already on the spiritual path, we found it somewhat easier to progress and to drop those beliefs that we carried with us, mostly from our cultural backgrounds, but also from our religious backgrounds. We opened to our guides who presented us not only with their luminous presence, but of course the Truth of God’s Love and how it transforms the soul.

On behalf of many we wish to tell the world God’s Law is progressive. All spirits are progressing whether they be in the lowest spheres or in the Celestial Heavens, progression is eternal. God’s Mercy and Love and plan for all of His children is reflected in the progression through the spheres, in receiving His very Essence, His Love in each soul. So please know, we are all progressing in this Love.

I am very honoured to be able to speak to you. I hope those who read my words written on Earth will hear what I have to say now. I am a Celestial. I carry the Essence of God’s Love in my soul transformed. There are many here. We are with you. My love and blessings to all. I am Rumi.