Messages 2019

Grow the Garden in your Soul and Blossom

December 2nd, 2019

Waianae, HI, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your sister in God’s love, Eileen Caddy. You draw me into this light with your love.

You see how simple it is, just like in my conversations with the Heavenly Father. It was really quite simple, just keeping my focus on God to provide every good and perfect gift. As you know, God did provide and does provide. I opened my heart. I bared my soul. At the beginning, I cried out as if in the wilderness. What a response I got! What was a barren and desolate place became a garden renowned all over the world where thousands have come and continue to come.

But most important for me were the seeds of Love in my soul and nurturing those in my prayer to God who answered every one, every day, without fail. Yes, I had disappointments. Yes, I had those who opposed me and did not want to walk that path, the path of Divine Love. Yet, the Love of God shone through my soul. Those who were open to it could see, this was a path they could take.

As you all know in this Circle, this beautiful Circle of Light, the Love of God does transform the soul and change you. This is not a temporary state of being. You have connected with eternity, with the infinite Grace of the Creator of the Universe by your simple request from your soul, from your heart, for God’s Love. So, like my other Celestial friends, I encourage you to continue. Do this and remember God because God is always remembering you. Grow the garden in your soul and blossom.

I ask everyone in a gentle way to remind yourself and others in kindness and with God’s Love, as you encourage each other for many are blessed as this Circle extends beyond the reach of your imaginings. Those in spirit that come who are drawn to the light, they are blessed. So we thank you. We honour you. We pray with you.

May God bless each one with a great inflowing and infilling of His Love. I am your friend and sister Eileen.