Messages 2019

Guidance for Circle of Seven to Gather in Person

December 19th, 2019

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

It is a great blessing to see the three of you together once again and that the Light and the Love continue to expand in your soul. There is a great desire within your souls, each one of you, to come to know God in all its purity and to be in great alignment and harmony with the Creator. Because of this great desire and inflowing of God’s Love, your gifts, beloved souls, will serve greatly while you are on Earth.

We continue to work diligently with each one of you who are part of the Circle of Seven in the awakening of the gift of Direct Voice. It is important that you continue to make efforts in having this gift within your conscious awareness, that you carry this gift within your soul. As you continue with your spiritual awakening this brings the gift closer into the realisation where it will one day be utilised by us in the spirit. There are factors that we in spirit continue to facilitate, our part in having this project come forward.

With each of you holding the importance of your responsibility to this gift - together with your Celestial friends and our earthly friends - we work upon the awakening and the utilisation of this gift. As each of you continues to progress and become stronger, the potential for this gift being served comes nearer.

We do hope at some future date, a date that works well for the Seven, that you may come together once again where you may intensely dedicate time in prayer for this gift to further its development in each one of you. That is our hope, beloveds. For we have done and continue to do what we can when you pray simultaneously. This is an important part of the awakening of this gift. Yet there are parts of this gift that do require you to physically be together in dedication to this bond that is the Circle of Seven and for this to continue to strengthen, for your souls are bonded deeply. We do also wish to continue to create greater and greater harmony between the Seven. This dear friends, requires your physical coming together.

So we leave it in your hands for the planning of such a time. Each of you should take this request into prayer to receive the guidance as to its timing. For God will not necessarily pinpoint your dates. We understand that each of you have your Earthly responsibilities. It is our desire that the coming together of these Seven is harmonious for all.

Question: How long should we be together?

One month, my dear. One month gives us time where we can work diligently from our side of life with you. It gives each individual time to have their dedication and the strengthening of their soul and body and mind facilitated too. We ask that the dear soul sister who comes from the land of the desert to reside within your beautiful cottage and the dear son who comes from as you call it the land down under, stay within your home in the location he did last time. For when you are all together in such a way on the same land where this incredible Portal of Light covers your property and more, this provides a continuous feeding of these energies with one another. The dear sister who resides across the street is touched by this Portal of Light that exists on your land. The other dear sister also has a Portal of Light in her home so we may work diligently through that with her continuously as well.

This next coming together dear friends will be instrumental in the awakening of this gift. We do not promise that it will be used as such immediately through this experience yet, I do want to let you know it is a significant time of coming together. We know that your plans of travel in this upcoming year and your schedule, the demands that many want to see you and want to have you continue to come for their support and their Circles of Light and prayer. This is important work yet what is asked is that you plan around this coming together for your Circle of Seven. Are there any questions that you have?

Question: How many days off might there be, if you will, during that month if H wants to travel, or should we just take a few days off or H travel before or after?

The request is that the travel be before or after, not during this time. We ask that you begin with at least the minimum of two prayers a day. If it needs to take time to build into the three prayers a day, then you can do so the first week. Out of the seven days that you have in your week, at least five of those days are to be filled with the intense prayer and two of those days may be filled with less group prayer but still focused upon God and prayer in your day if your schedule is lighter.

Comment: Thank you for the clarity. That really helps.

You are most welcome for I know each and every one of you want to make the most of this time together. There is an importance of the dear sister coming to bring closure to some of the aspects of her life. This is an important time for this dear sister as well. Yet we do ask that this time of coming together in this one month period that you be with singleness of purpose.

Question: Should all the prayers be in the dark room or will we get that guidance at the time?

One prayer a day certainly in the dark room. At least one of the prayers outside of the dark room. There may even be a second prayer outside of the dark room where we may have opportunity for question and answer with relation to the Direct Voice. But this is yet to be determined.

I will come again at a later time with more clarity perhaps. But what we do ask is your dedication, beloveds, to the planning of coming together for this gift.

Comment: Thank you so much for this blessing and opportunity. We will do our best to prepare and perhaps if any of the Circle of Seven have questions, we can prepare them for you in advance of your next coming.

This we would be most happy to facilitate and support in all ways for we know that each of you has a deep sincerity to God within your souls, the awakening of your souls, and the awakening of this gift within each one. So we thank you our beloved and dedicated seven souls and we shall come together again. God bless you, beloveds. I am Seretta Kem and my love is with you. God bless you.