Messages 2019

Q&A: Guided Meditation versus Prayer

July 11th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Yes, I am willing to entertain questions. I know our brother Confucius wishes for you to enter your soul to find the answers and this is a deep Truth. But indeed you are mortals and this request is difficult for you to obey. So we come to help you upon this journey so that you may understand more fully, the importance of it and the way to proceed. So if there are questions to be asked at this time, I am willing to respond.


So it appears our dear Confucius has struck you dumb. He is a powerful and beautiful angel of God, one of the highest in the Celestial Kingdom. He carries deep Truth with him and a powerful healing blessing for all that he encounters are touched deeply by his presence. How blessed you are to have him as one of those that works with you in this Circle of Light. How beautiful is God’s Touch upon you to receive these high and beautiful Celestial beings who continue to bring their efforts forth on your behalf, to help to educate and uplift and carry you upon the path.

It is always our challenge, beloved souls, that we may encourage, but not create dependencies upon this experience and blessing that comes with the angels. For often, the tendency of mortals is, as Confucius indicates, to be lifted up, to be embraced and comforted, but it goes no further for those souls who are merely interested in the blessing and feelings of good will and love that come.

[Question: We are encouraged to have more prayer circles and some people react better to guided meditation rather than a prayer like we have done today. What would be the best way to assess and set the intention and let the words come by themselves by whichever form they are supposed to come, or is there a merit to have a short prayer and then silence?]

Composition of a Circle of Light is variable. It is dependent upon the individuals that are a part of that Circle and the perspective of each individual who is there. For some it is indeed beneficial to guide their thinking and their minds upon a certain trajectory, so they are not distracted by their thoughts and expectations that are entirely mind-based. When you take them upon a journey that is guided, as you suggest, there can be some benefit for them, an opening of sorts that will allow influence and blessings from the angels and from God.

This is not a distraction as it is and can be a benefit. In time, one can be encouraged to do prayers as you have done and meditations as you have done. It is a process of gaining trust and a mindful acceptance of the way of prayer for God’s Love. There are many tools that can be used in this regard, but it is also a problem if the mind is constantly engaged and reinforced through words and ideas, rather than going beyond this to the place of soul of which our beloved brother speaks. So it requires discernment and, my brother, you will be guided in the ways in which to approach this challenge. I say to you that many souls are seeking God’s Love, but are challenged by their own minds and mindful considerations; therefore they block the opportunity and experience in prayer and contemplation. They prefer engagement of the mind through these guided meditations, as you call them, but wish not to go further. For often, when the mind is disengaged, there are many conditions and emotional blocks that keep them from a place of peace. There are many in your world who seek spirituality in this way, this mindful engagement that keeps them from their own true soul condition. For they are afraid to look beyond that of the mind to a place that is deeper, a place that has a great need and is often traumatized by the experiences of life. This is why we make great effort to bring love and comfort and healing to those you work with, my son, and for all who come to these Circles of Light. We make a great effort to comfort these souls who are often in pain and confusion.

It is, at times, unrealistic to expect those who are suffering but seeking, to shift into that place of prayerful meditation since with the reality of their condition, their inner condition, they would find this difficult indeed. It is a benefit to them, to gently ease them along this path of Light, to gain their trust, to pray for each one who is involved and to ask for healing for them and upliftment. This sort of intervention with prayer and intention on your part and those who are involved in this effort, will benefit them greatly and help to open the door to understanding that which you are trying to teach and convey. It comes with the experience of receiving God’s Love, in its beauty, in its intensity.

Yes, in your world, it is difficult for many to come to that place of acknowledgment. It is difficult to get beyond the mind. It is difficult to get beyond that insulating structure that the mind creates, where the soul finds it difficult to penetrate the consciousness and connect with God. This is most challenging, but this deep and abiding Truth, which you make great effort to teach and those of you here continue to seek to teach others, is a very important effort and needed in your world.

You do not see yourselves as being greatly successful in this, for the numbers come and go, the curiosity peaks and wanes, the efforts are spotty. At times, I know that you are frustrated and downtrodden, knowing the Truth as you do, knowing the benefits of this Truth as you have experienced in your lives. Yet it is difficult to convey this to others in a way that is meaningful and palpable to them. But as you continue upon this path, as you persist in your efforts to bring this Truth forward, I tell you, you will find those ways and means that will touch others deeply.

You will be guided and we will be with you to assist. God’s Hand will be upon your efforts. For each that you have been with in this way, each that you have spoken the Truth to, each that have experienced to some degree this blessing, a seed has been planted, a Truth has been given; an opportunity has been laid before them. In this way, you do God’s work, my beloved son. You will be greatly rewarded for your efforts. In times to come, you will see that nothing has been wasted. All will come into the fullness and richness of your service to God, as will for all of you who make these efforts, who continue to serve God in this way, for the benefit of your brothers and sisters. A great blessing is given to your soul.

This is your reward and this reward is permanently cast within your soul. Think of this, beloveds, each time you draw a Light to yourself, it has a permanent effect upon you, a great blessing. So in this way are not your efforts worthwhile? Yes beloveds. Even if one in ten or one in a hundred truly understands what you say, you have done a great service to humanity. The changes that are needed in your world will be hard-won and not easily obtained. But they will come, because this is God’s Will to bring greater Light and Truth to your world. You have taken up the cause. You have within your souls, made a commitment to God that you will do so and be open and receptive to God’s Guidance and Will in this regard.

So, my son, you have many questions. You wish to perfect your approach. I applaud you for your intentions, your desire to truly be effective as a channel of Truth and Love in the world. But I say to you, allow God to guide you. Bring your questions to God in prayer. Pray for your efforts. Pray for your efforts each and every day and you will be enlightened and guided and uplifted. In this way you will also be more effective in your work. For as God’s Love accumulates within your soul, greater wisdom comes, deeper perceptions, a clearer understanding that will be conveyed with deep sincerity and deep wisdom.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls, on the journey of service, the journey towards Truth, the journey of expressing that Truth as a teacher and a healer and a comforter for God. God bless you beloveds. I will entertain one more short question, if there is one.

[Question: I had a repeated dream within which I received a message to: “Break the Universal Code.” Can you direct me in how to break the Universal Code?]

There are many Truths in the Universe, dear daughter. There is no one Universal code, but there are many Truths indeed, that may be obtained and understood. I believe that you are being guided by a spirit who desires to teach you something. When they say “break this code”, I perceive that they are wishing for you to be aware of what it is that he wishes to give you. It is your choice, dear daughter, and it is a form of Truth that he wishes to give. It is not THE Truth.

There is no Universal Code, so to speak, but it may be a piece of the great puzzle of God’s Truth and Creation that you may obtain through your gifts. Again it is your choice and that which you wish to entertain in your life, in your pursuit of Truth. So I cannot help you any further than this for this is not given to you by a Celestial Spirit who would not use this sort of language or not be entertaining such a desire. So again, it is for you to discern and to obtain, through your willingness and openness to it.

I hope this reassures you that you are in control of this and that there is nothing that you can do at this time that will break open a revelation that is described with your statement. For these revelations may come again and again and again. It is not simple nor easily obtained. So I hope I have helped you in some way. I’m sorry if this is not the answer that you desire, but it is the only answer that I can give you, beloved soul. May God bless you.

We will end this session now and I thank you for again making effort to come together in this Circle of Light and be together in this eagerness to understand your true selves and to understand God.

God bless you upon that journey, beloveds. God bless you. I am Josephus.