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How Can We Be Loving to Those Who Offend Us, Reject Us, Disagree with Us or Hate?

October 3rd, 2019

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

How can we be loving to those that offend us, that reject us, that are at odds with us, that disagree with us, or maybe even hate us? How do we love them? How do we forgive those who have hurt us?

When we pray and receive Gods love, do we not embrace all? Friend and foe alike? Do we not send the peace that passes intellectual understanding to all? Do we not wish this world to be blessed and even our enemies, do we not embrace them in the love of God?

The answer is simple really and the responsibility falls on each one of us in our relationship to God. As the master said: “Seek ye first the kingdom and all else will be given to you”.

I ask you to remember this in your daily interactions with family and friends and those you encounter that you may not know at all, and be mindful of their journey and what ,as was discussed earlier, they are going through and love them. Whether they accept or reject your love is up to them and needn’t be your concern. Because if you keep your heart and soul in love there is no feeling of rejection. There is no disparity between you and another.

You are embracing all in the love of God because you have opened up to receive and carry this love to the world. What a gift you have. What a gift you bring to others and this world. You are truly in God’s love and feeling the grace and the light that accompanies it in your soul.

To those that you have a relationship that is broken or one that seems to feed on every irritation, however intimate these relations are, I wish to say that when you allow that to continue, your soul stumbles, so to speak and it prevents your progress.

It is progress that I so wish each of you to have and I do not wish sound as if I am admonishing you like a parent because I am your friend on this journey with you. I only wish to point out something that perhaps you do not see. So I say it with love and affection and all my love and affection for you on this journey. Be kind. Be blessed. Be love in God.

May your day be blessed. May you stay in this light and love that God has blessed you with. I love you. May God bless you. I am your brother and friend in the Celestial Heavens, Yogananda.