Messages 2019

The Importance of Portals of Light in the World

October 28th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

It is good to see you together, beloved souls. Every time you come together in this Circle of Light, you bring great benefit to your soul. You allow the blessings to flow upon you through this Portal of Light, through the efforts that have been made here in this place of prayer over and over again, building this condition of light, building the presence of God in this place. Is it any less sacred than a church or some other place of worship? No, beloved souls, this is a sacred place, a place of God. As you continue to pray here, to reach out to one another in love, to state your intentions to God, to seek the great blessing of His Love, so you continue to add to the foundation of this place and bring greater blessings through this Portal into the world.

Do you not see how important Portals are in this world, this mechanism that allows the Angels of God and the high blessings of God’s Soul to flow more readily, to cascade down from conditions of light into your darkened world, into this place that is a sanctuary for all? Each time you set foot upon a place of worship and you ask that God may create a Portal in that place, you can be assured that if the conditions are right, if the power of prayer and the power of truth elicit the development of these Portals then they will surely be established and powerfully so.

As these two instruments continue to travel in the world, they are being used as well as others who are with them to establish these places, these sacred places in the world where Portals may flourish, where Angels may come, where blessings of Light may flow.

These places are so needed in your world, places that will encourage love and harmony, healing and peace, light and love. All the beautiful blessings of God come through this great blessing that is a Portal. For those that have received this blessing, for that place that is endowed with this blessing, be sure to keep your thoughts elevated, to say your prayers sincerely and deeply and consider that you are helping God to maintain this condition, this beautiful blessing and mechanism for the benefit of the world. For these mechanisms are capable of blessing the entire world and given enough of these blessed portals, there is the potential to change the very nature of your world, even down to the basic elements and atoms of your world for they will vibrate and interact differently when the energies and conditions of light come forth infusing all with these blessings.

So we have told you often, how God has a plan for the salvation of mankind. This great blessing of a Portal and the other Portals that are in the world and those that are to come into the world is part of this plan and is an element that will help to enrich and empower the plan for the salvation of mankind. So, my beloved brothers and sisters, now that you play your part, helping to sustain the light and helping to bring the love, that you are an instrument and channel used by God to awaken the world, to help your brothers and sisters see beyond the scales in their eyes, and the cloak that is over their minds and their souls. May these things dissolve and the conditions of light that you are all helping to bring and is with God in this great effort to neutralize the darkness and enhance light in your world.

God needs His instruments, beloved souls. Keep this forefront in your minds that you may be used each day. Each day that you say a prayer that says: “Father, bless my soul with your love and Father, use me as a channel of your love”, such simple intentions not requiring a deep intellect nor vast understandings of the universe or powerful individuals of mind and flesh, no, it is the soul seeking harmony and love, awakening in the power of God’s Touch and creating as it awakens the possibilities of utilising the gifts, potentials of the soul.

You need not understand all the ramifications, complexities, the aspects of the soul. Though I know you are eager to know, that you desire to know. But the great knowledge is love, the power of love, the blessing of love is what will ignite all the understandings and knowledge, potentials and gifts that are hidden deep within your souls. As you nurture that soul that is the very essence of who you are, you will come to know all these things and many more that you cannot possibly imagine at this time. So much is waiting, my beautiful friends. So much will be awakened in Love. God has a deep desire for each of you to be with Him. As he pulls you to His Bosom, embraces you in Love, gives to you that Essence that is the transformative power that will awaken the soul, so all these things, all these things will come to be.

You are His children. Awaken and truly know this. You are deeply loved. May you come to feel and recognize this Touch of Love that is eternal and infinite. May you come to truly understand God and all His beauty and complexity, power and glory, Love and joy, knowledge and beauty. So much awaits you, beloved souls. Continue to turn your gaze towards God, towards your own soul, towards possibilities of your spiritual awakening and all in life will be a magnificent journey, a wonderment and a joyful expression of all that you are. You are loved. You are loved.

May God bless you, beloved souls, keep you upon this path, keep you in His Grace, keep you in the Light of Truth and Love. God bless you, beloved souls. I am your friend and brother Andrew and I love you dearly. I love you dearly and I will be with my charge and his mate and those who travel with him as will many. There will be many doors opened, possibilities coming in to play with each day. May you each have the ability and sensitivity and attunement to see and know what God gives you, gives to you in the way of service and opportunities to bring love and truth. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.