Messages 2019

Importance of the Portal of Light at the World Healing Centre

August 15th, 2019

Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

I am here with you, it is Faith. Bless each of you with your continued efforts to be close with the heavenly Father allowing this Love to change your soul, working your way to the Celestial Heavens. God bless you, beloveds. Time is drawing near when this dear instrument will once again journey across the waters to the healing place. As with every time before, she will be surrounded by a host of Celestial angels guiding her, prompting her, helping to support and strengthen her physicality for these continued travels to help to replenish her body each and every day.

Yes this center continues to have a number of changes where there is a great flow of the community being drawn. There are a variety of programs, giving the opportunity to be shared. So it goes for those dear souls who are in charge of making decisions for this Center of Light. Feel drawn to experiment and experience the many opportunities to find their new way in what will become solid within these walls. For this, they are greatly blessed for they areĀ far more open now than before.

The portal that you have been praying for has gained strength and will continue to do so because these dear souls who have been praying within the sanctuary strengthen the flow of energies for the gifts that may come through, assisting in God’s plan for this beautiful center. These changes will continue, beloved, and what you see now today happening will not necessarily remain.

We wish to assure all of you that the teachings of Truth that continue to draw back into this place each time that those on the Divine Path are present, will strengthen. These teachings, each and every time, seep a little more deeply into the fabric and the walls of this beautiful place. Each time these teachings are brought forward, those souls present are touched, seeds are planted, blessings of healings are given and the curiosity of the individual’s mind is piqued. In the Grace and the patience and the timing of God, this will continue to strengthen. A great Light, teachings of Truth, circles of prayer, many blessings are in the future for this Centre of Light.

Dear friends, be patient as God is patient. You will see the expansion, the expanding Light, continue to bless this beautiful place. As each of you are drawn to return, guided to return, there will be such joy within your souls for having walked steady by the Grace of God in your life, allowing things for come into the forefront that should be present, that God has deemed in His plan to unfold. There is not one effort that has not made a difference in this place from the very beginning of time that you beloved souls have been guided to be present and bring the teachings of God’s Truth into this place.

Every time all the words spoken with the Truth of God have made its mark. Though if you think back in time, we put thoughts of joy, of blessings, of appreciation and how you honored your guidance when you stepped into the rhythm of God’s plan for your beautiful soul. This never changes, beloveds. Always step into the rhythm with your soul, with God’s Soul, and God continues to send you those angels of Love, those who walk with you surround you and guide you, all influenced by God’s Love. So for this time ahead for this journey, once again I will be with this dear soul as she walks in streets, moves through the corridors, makes contacts with the community, rebuilds friendships, brings joy and brings love to all those she passes by.

We are very pleased at the unfolding that we see and we anticipate many wonderful things from this journey ahead. We ask with each day, she has deep communion with God for it is God that unfolds His plan through all of us. With this deep communion, she will know what steps to take, what words to say. Many will be blessed by the gaze of love that emanates from her soul through her eyes.

There is much yet to unfold for all of you, beloveds. Our greatest appreciation and gratitude is with each one of you for your journeys on the path Divine are unique but what unites all is God’s Love and that Love is deep within your soul. The Light of your soul expands and grows. You feel this Light, you feel the reverence of Love, and you feel God in your soul. That is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

God bless you, each and every one. My love is with all of you. I am Faith and I bring my blessings of love, of joy, and of light to each one of you. God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you. I am Faith.