Messages 2019

It is Better to be a Fool of God than a King of Men

April 6th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

Aloha, dear brother. I am Yogananda, friend of your soul. Earlier today I made rapport with you while in prayer. You indeed felt my presence at your side and my wish to communicate a message through you about rituals, but you declined to speak aloud on my behalf, deferring to the dear soul and instrument whose home you are visiting. Internally, at the same time, you were telling me that if I were to speak through this other dear soul, this other instrument, you would in future agree to do so on my behalf. So to your surprise and to the complete unknowing of Al Fike, I did speak, although not on the subject you wished me to. That is because dear brother, it would be better for me to give that message through you, and so I will.

At present, let’s revisit the internal discussion we had subsequent to the message received earlier today and during the silent prayer time. You were telling me that you did not wish to appear foolish and that you did not have any idea of the technique involved in receiving messages from spirit. I replied to you that “It is better to be a fool of God, than a king of men.” And you still had thoughts of fear and embarrassment of feeling unqualified or being ‘an idiot’. So I told you “It is better to be God’s idiot than an academic genius.” And you seemed to have no trouble relating what I told you to your dear friends afterwards. So now I ask you, that if you thought you came up with all that with your own mind, would you have bothered to tell them? Would you have felt my presence and heard my voice so clearly?

I want you to consider something about channeling and mediumship in relation to your music dear brother. You know without any doubt that you have at times, as you would clearly state, “received music,” yes? You have often stated that the better the music and/or words that come to you are, the less you have had to do with creating them, yes?

Would you not agree that when that happens you are in fact in a state of prayer, in a place of rapport with musicians in the spirit world and quite often Celestial musicians? I wish to tell you that not only is this true but that in fact you are a co-creator of these musical gems. The simpler is sometimes the better eh? This is because of your intention is receive the Love of God and to share His Divine Love and the Truth of it with others, yes?

You have also composed symphonic works along these lines and have felt the hands of Celestial musicians moving your hands. Is this not true? Have you not stated this fact to others on occasion? So please don’t feel that I am trying to embarrass you about this when my wish is to encourage you and remind you that you have been used as a medium for music many times, even by your own account. The process is much the same when composing music as communicating with me although the instrument may be automatic writing instead of a guitar or me simply speaking through you instead of singing. At the same time I do not wish to infringe upon your musical composing or your free will. I think you only recently remembered that I loved to sing and compose songs. So again, you see, we are not so different. We love to sing God’s praises!

I will come again soon and deliver more of what I wish to tell not only my followers on earth but all of God’s children. Till then, my dear soul friend, follow your heart, know that I am with you often, and pray. Pray for God’s Love. Pray.

I love you with all the love of a brother and true friend in God, Yogananda.