Messages 2019

It Is Difficult to Release Baggage

November 1st, 2019

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am your brother and friend in the love of God, Yogananda. This world, so enveloped in material desire, fear, with so much darkness. And yet, we sit here in the Light of God’s Love. If we look out and we see the material world and its attractions, distractions, entanglements, we need look no further than the amusements of most people. We can look to movies, games, hobbies and we see violence, drama, romance, failure and greed. All these things of the world which eventually break down a person’s resolve to succeed in any of these areas and so they look to the light.

Perhaps they find a group, a teacher, a teaching and they feel this light. Then their resolve becomes to be absorbed in love and light that they are now aware of. Yet they bring with them so much baggage, like indelible impressions or, as you might say, encrustations of the soul. While there is the wish to be lifted up in light and love, there is the difficulty of letting go of all the baggage and releasing it to God. This is the human condition and so many suffer from this.

My friends, you have been lifted up, have released much of this baggage and yet you know there is a way to go on your journeys. But your resolve is to be in your soul, to be transformed in God’s Love, above all else. So yes, when we talk to you about the difficulties ahead and the current situation, we are addressing the difference between living in the soul and the conditions of the world.


To add to what I said earlier, my reluctant brother felt he needed to step back, I wish to add that the attraction to conflict, to sexual encounter, to negativity, is the energy of so many people living in neutrality or quiet despair. So they see these options in the world, they feel the energy of it and this eventually, as I said, causes grief and perhaps, even more despair. You, my friends, have found the subtle, glorious, beautiful energy of God’s Love and Light. Therein lies the difference.

I love you. I am Yogananda. Thank you. May your Light and Love, which is in God, bless all. I am your brother and friend in the Celestial Heavens. May God bless you. I love you. I am Yogananda. Thank you.