Messages 2019

Let Praying for Divine Love Be Your Ritual

April 7th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am very pleased to speak through my dear brother. Though he is reluctant to receive in his mind, in his soul he is open to this gift. Because he lives in the moment quite often he doesn’t remember that he has received messages before. He has received music as well.

But I wish to speak to all of you dear souls about ritual. I wish to say about these rituals that are carried on in the world that many have been corrupted and therefore are not useful. But the purpose of rituals which are practiced in my home country was originally to remember God in daily life, to awaken to a consciousness of God. When that kind of ritual is performed, it is most effective in keeping one’s soul in alignment with God’s Love and God’s Light. Is this not what we all wish?

So I wish to also say that ritual can become like an addiction. When it is such a thing, it must be a conscious and loving addiction so it does not harm the soul or block out the light. I ask you all to choose wisely here. We in the Celestial Kingdom encourage you to pray and pray for God’s Love. Make THAT your ritual and all things will fall into place.

I want this dear brother for stepping forward and allowing me to speak. I will do so in the future as I have many things to communicate to not only my followers on Earth, but to all. From the Celestial Kingdom, we send you our love and light. I wish to embrace all of you in God’s Love as does this dear soul.

I am Yogananda and I love you.