Messages 2019

Maintain the Spiritual Potency of Blessed Places

May 3rd, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Eileen Caddy. Thank you for taking my prompt and your willingness to allow me to continue my conversation with the Divine Love Community, the Community of God’s love.

There is wisdom in knowing where and when to travel to bring your gifts to those who are in need around the world. You have been guided to travel and open your selves to hungry souls longing for at one ment with Our Loving Creator , desiring to share the love you have in your souls with those who sincerely desire the same, though some may not understand this longing or be able to express it as you would. You have been prepared for some time for this work and you are being told ‘the time is now’ to go out , to reach the many as you are guided.

You wonder: “How am I to cover all this ground as I live in time and space and have to deal with material as well as physical concerns?” I wish say that you are many now and despite that some are new to this gift of God’s love , there are others who have much experience in praying and receiving this great gift and you can see that when the desire from the soul is there, we are one together in this. An example of what I am proposing here would be the recent visit to the WHC in Blackpool by the so gifted and blessed dear soul who has many years of praying for God’s love teaming up with the lovely bright gentle soul who is somewhat new to this work and together opening doors, many doors. Success !

There are many in your community who love to travel and who love to pray. To those I ask to consider, if they have the means, to always include sacred places in their travel itinerary so that while fulfilling their desire to see other places and experience other cultures, that they never be too far from sanctuary in God’s love. There are many sacred places around the world of course, of varying degrees, depending on level of spiritual maintenance of those who go there. Some, like my beloved Findhorn, are portals of light that need an injection of God’s light and love, so as to not fall into conventional tourist curiosities losing the great blessing of God’s love and presence as intended.

Some as my dear instrument well knows, like the little church of Francis in Assisi and the Yogi’s gardens in Encinitas, have continued to be respected as spiritual centers of prayer and meditation by those who live at them and those souls who visit. It is not for us to judge the spiritual potency of a place but rather be in harmony with what is there and pray that God’s love and light will come into that place in great measure. I wish the elders to be mindful of the great resources in their midst both spiritually and materially and encourage those who wish to share God’s love to include such places in their travels while this is still a possibility in your world.

I am grateful to my dear brother for receiving well what I had to say and send you all my love and gratitude. May God bless you all! I am Eileen Caddy.