Messages 2019

Make a Ritual of Always Asking to be At-One with God

December 6th, 2019

Waianea, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

This is Yogananda. I wished to speak earlier today but the Master came and spoke and we do not interrupt when he is speaking. In his presence, which is so magnificent, we are essentially speechless but I wanted to convey something about rituals.

And the dear daughter to this instrument’s right, had told a story earlier today about her time in Japan in a place that was like a palace and where everything that was done in that place had a certain ritual attached to it. Whether it was taking off your shoes or bowing or a tea ceremony or taking a bath. I was listening and I was reminded that these kind of rituals, practices if you will, were designed for various reasons. In the secular world, they are designed to create respect. They are designed to encourage good behavior, honour, cleanliness and so forth. In the spiritual world, these behaviors and rituals were designed so that one might remember God. I have spoken about this before. So I wish to elaborate a bit.

Whatever you are doing, even if you are resting, you can be centered in your soul, above your mind. The simple practice of going to God and requesting God to be at-one with your soul, requesting your soul to be at-one with God, these very thoughts draw the Creator’s Love and Grace into your soul and lift you up. What if every time you opened a door, you asked for God’s guidance, blessing? I know some of you do and you ask the angels to be with you on your journeys. This is wonderful. This is the way that opens up the door of your soul for God to come in. When that Grace, when that Love comes into your soul, you are then in a bubble of protection and the angels will be with you because they have the same Love and grace in their soul and they are drawn not only to your request, but to the Light and Love of God.

So this is really a simple request and one that will benefit all of you, including this instrument that I wish to speak through today, my friend, to keep mindful of God. Should negative circumstances, people, lower spirits or vexations occur, ask for protection. Ask for the Love. This will create a barrier of Love and dispel darkness. This is the practice I wish to speak about today. It is the Divine yoga. You who are blessed with the knowledge of God’s Love, your souls perceive these words as true and so they are.

If you choose to begin and stay in Love, you will grow, and as they say, exponentially progress in God’s Love and ultimately to the dwelling place of us angels, the Celestial Heavens. We are with you. We love you. All my love to you and I thank you. May God bless you. I am your brother and friend, Yogananda.